Sunday, 28 September 2014

Because, I have a Brother I share a special bond!

Remember those days when you were all alone. Waiting for a ray of light in those dark phase. He was besides you in similar vain. You were in a big mess that mental tromma!He forwarded his hand towards you and took you out of that dark phase but he was still stuck in it. He knows how to keep his life in line.With tears in his eyes still manages to say "Nah,I'm fine!"

Now, you might be thinking who 'He' is? He is my BROTHER but acts like my mother,my father and at times acts like a sister as well!
Relationship of love and care.
Relationship of trust.
Relationship of understanding.
Relationship we call as brother and sister.
Here it goes for the special brother-sister bond.
You'll always be his first love and you little sisters acquire a special place in his heart!
You both fight like cats and dogs
Create a big mess around
And keep mumma wondering!
Whenever he is around you'll always have a reason to fight but you'll miss him most when his not around!
He kicks you..calls you by all sorts of names..insults you.. But beyond all loves you loads!
He may not be a genie, but he tries his level best to make all your dreams come true. He can handle you at your worst, and deserves to be with you at your best.We like and care each other but can’t express it without being weird.
If he is hurt,
 Your eyes start watering.
If he is disturbed,
 You are stressed.
If he is in trouble,
 You make it your best to bring him out of it.
You share a special space with your brother.You share so many secrets.You easily read each others eyes.At times you both start laughing reason less and leave people wondering!
Together we are weird silly serious quiet outgoing wild sweet funny kind dramatic sarcastic creative romantic.
Dare a boy tease or insult you he is always there to smack him off!
He cries with you
He smiles with you
He dominates you
He protects you
He is always ready to fight with the world for you
He is always there for you.…
This blog is for that we have on each other till the last breath.
Love you infinity and beyond♥

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Infinity and Beyond

There is sacrifice!
There are strong emotions!
There is a loyal heart that pumps for the Mr.Special!
How is that feeling?
Have you ever experienced?

That Mr.Special could be anyone! Need not be the soul-mate.That Mr.Special could be ur DAD! The person who loves you infinity and beyond♥ The first strong feeling of love is experienced with him!
He guides
He loves
He cares but He never shares!
He has so many feelings inside him. But he expresses them with action!
You call him dad.. Dadda.. Baba.. Daddy.. Papa.. Pitaji! 
When you took your first breath.
He prayed
He was overjoyed
He was on the seventh sky!★
That moment when you walked towards him
His eyes were full ot tears and his heart was overjoyed
When you spoke your first word
He recorded it for life time.
He made all your small moments memorable one.
But at the same time
He cries inside but teaches you to stay strong! He acts strick at times but deep inside he cares infinty times.
In reel world He might be shown strick ,dominating But daughter knows how real he is!

When you smile
He  smiles.
When you cry
He shows he is strong but deep inside he also cries!
You dont need his birthday or special ocassion to express your feelings towards him. Its just a moment when your hearts says "I love you infinity and beyond dad!"
Words cannot express his love towards you cause its infinty and beyond!
One day when time comes to say "Goodbye!"
Your heart will  break
Strong feelings will bound you
And you'll be left all alone...
At that moment remember what he once said "Stay Strong Beta!"  
Love you infinity and beyond♥