Friday, 27 February 2015

Mera Medicare

What is a start-up?

Start-up is a young established business in the form of a company, newly founded and at the dawn of development. Start-up starts from the idea stage and ascends to securing financing. According to the stats, it is seen that the frequency of start-ups is shooting up.
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In this blog, I'm going to describe about one of such start-up i.e.  Mera Medicare.

Mera Medicare is a healthcare based start-up founded by Mr. Pankaj Gupta along with the co-founder Mrs.Madhu Gupta Khandelwal. Mr.Pankaj Gupta initiated Mera Medicare with a mission to bridge the gap between customers and healthcare professionals. Mera Medicare has more than 50 years of working experience and serving in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore.
Mera Medicare aims at attaining the positive customer satisfaction.

Firstly get registered at Mera Medicare

There is a simple three Step Process for placing your order>>
·         STEP 1:
Select the options for what you would like to order. There is another choice for brands with the same composition.

·         STEP 2:
Depending upon the choices you make you get the next dialogue box. If you choose for I want to order OTC Drugs/Body care Products or I have a prescription & I want to order OTC Drugs / Body care products also option it demands for the details like the Patient's name, symptoms, drug or item name, brand, power and quantity/size. If you choose I have a prescription option it demands for the prescription.

·         STEP 3:
Fill all the necessary details. Then the pharmacist sends you quotation and then as per your choice you place the order and choose your payment option.

Mera Medicare has an offer page where it presents you exciting offers such as free amazon ecards, free mobile recharge and many other exciting offers. It also provides various deals for pharmacists. There is another page wherein Mera Medicare discusses about different health facts. Mera Medicare is a platform for interns. It serves you with different internship opportunities based on your resume. You just have to submit your resume and they'll find pertinent for openings in future. They are associated only with authorized and licensed pharmacists.

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You can contact them via
·         Phone :+91-9784058314
·         Email :
·         Website :
And can get free recommendations on their forum.

Why Choose Mera Medicare?

·         Rapid reductions of up to 25% of all branded medicines.
·         Free records of medical bills.
·         Go Generic and get reductions of 40-60%.
·         Immediate delivery between periods of 2-4 hours.
·         Its stress free step-by-step; 3 step process.

Mera Medicare is a whisk of information, experience, and passion. This model focuses on reducing medicare expenses, saves your time and transportation charges as well.

Your Trust is their Priority!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Health and Medicare!

“Nothing is as sweet as healthy life” but, now-a-days people are busier with wealth over health. Somewhere around the planet everyday a new virus or bacteria is been detected. Our health is at risk! People don’t understand it; they are becoming more reckless about their health. They should understand good health is real wealth not block of silver or gold.

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According to current lifestyle people prefer work over doctor’s appointment. So to all those busy ones I have a list of Health websites you can trust.Various tips to promote good health and prevent or cure health issues in humans are undertaken by these health care providers.

This startup is been managed by the AAFP’s (The American Academy of Family Physicians). The AAFP’s (The American Academy of Family Physicians) is an award-winning consumer health and wellness resource and a national medical organization representing more than 115,900 physicians, practice residents, and medical students, all at one end. All the information being provided on this website is for educational purpose before application of any medical tips do discuss it with your family physician. The main motto of AAFP’s is to improve the health of all people. This website can be used for medical references. It gives you information about different diseases and conditions; prevention's and symptoms.

All the counselling on this site is been provided by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the Bright Futures Guidelines, and the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Preventive Services for Women and the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. In the healthfinder section when you fill appropriate details it gives you relevant information about your health. It gives you details about how you can stay healthy. Here you can browse all health topics. Discuss details about them as well.

MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. MedlinePlus has wide range of information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 900 diseases and conditions. MedlinePlus serves information to learn about the recent treatments, symptoms, diseases and conditions. It also provides various links about different medical researches and about diseases and medical conditions.

Women’s health is one of WHO’s (World Health Organisation) highest priorities. Women’s health is at risk. This site offers detailed information about different health issues related to women. Here you get wide range of information about breast or ovarian cancer, heart diseases and infertility in women. It also discusses information about different life stages of women.  

About quarter of the population in India shops online. The relationship between customer and professionals is changing. But, when it comes to shop medicines online people hesitate. So here is a Medicare model you can trust. Mera medicare is a bridging the gap by providing generic medicines and thus contributes in your savings of 40-60%. It also provides internship for trainees and students thus, helping India socially and economically. It provides instant delivery within 2-4 hours. This model focuses on reducing medicare expenses; saves your time and transportation charges as well. You can get free recommendations on their forum. 

MMS is use to manage the AMA Physicians Professional Data and was the first firm franchised by the American Medical Association (AMA). It is known for its quality, expertise, availability and experience. MMS allows you to stay in touch with all the critical healthcare professionals. They provide you with a platform to consult about your needs. You can contact them via calls, emails or texts.

In India, medicines and their treatment cost have reached peaks. It is difficult for common man to spend money on health. Vaatsalya is a platform for all such urban and rural population, it provides affordable and generic medicines thus providing healthcare services to people across India. They have long chain across India and each chain is a blessing to the common man.

PinkWhale is an e-Health company serving you online and telephone based Medicare services. Their main aim is to make up the best healthcare network for excellent accessibility and convenience of purchasers. This site is handled by expertise team with Mrs. Anita Shet (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer) and Dr. Rekha B S (Chief Medical Officer). Here, you can consult doctor's across globe and clear all your doubt with correct recommendations.

This site recommends you specialist as per your accessibility and helps you book their appointments as well. DocPulse is initiated by experienced IT professionals with mission to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. This site is an easy access for people who want specialist consultancy or for those who don't have any medical knowledge and in any sort of medical emergency.
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These are some sorted healthcare provider list. Through this I contribute a bit for better Globe and Better Health. All the online firms are taking a step ahead for promoting good health. So let’s help them by contributing a visit and promoting their firms.
A Healthy country is always a developed country!

“Happiness is nothing then a good health.”