Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April- It’s special

It’s April, come on how I can keep calm it’s my birthday month! I know a peculiar start for the blog post but It’s my birthday Month!!! Those pre birthday vibes, butterflies, goose bumps, background music *Choti Choti Khushiyon Pe Dil Maare Chalang* and birthday count downs *12 days left Yayyyy!!!* The excitement has no limit.

I have been waiting for this month since last April *_*. April, I’m feeling a little elevated and thrilled, Is this birthday fever? These day’s people keep questioning me “Why are you blushing? Why so happy?” I didn't want anybody to know about this birthday fever because they would start imagining things. Anyways, this fever has no cure. It just gets more and more day by day.

The initial April days went planning my birthday but, since last few days I’m thinking about celebrating my birthday alone. Pampering myself! Eating, cooking, dancing, shopping, and watching movies the entire day. I have always been so excited and eager about my birthdays. Every birthday I experience a new feeling, new excitement and new thrill. *Birthday fever*.

Each birthday has a lesson to be learned from the mistakes I make. Every birthday I make a new resolution. *The Birthday Resolutions*. Last birthday it was about chasing my dreams. I gave it my best this year to take a step ahead and explore my dreams. Asked for opportunities, what I want, what I need and what can help me grow. It took time for me to recognize when things weren’t working but, then I filled that void of bumps and blocks and created a path for me. Trusting universe I’m talking a step further towards my dreams. The lesson learned *Birthday Lessons*: “Don’t be afraid to have big dreams, just keep chasing them!”

Everyday I’m getting excited for what's gonna happen on my birthday. This birthday fever has no cure until the dawn of my birthday. Just waiting for the day!

 (image source: google)