Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Story Called Life!

The smile she carried on her face was her real beauty. One glance at her and you would get filled up with positivity. She has solutions for all your issues from pimples to fashion. Whenever she steps into local the entire environment would be cheered up. She is a common woman who travels through locals and earns bread for her family.

It happened to be a coincidence. I met her at malad station one evening; she was tired and wanted to reach home early. By the time we would have any conversation Bandra slow arrived, this women pushed me ahead and looked after that I could jump into the local carefully and reach home safe. That was really sweet of her.

A month later, I met her at borivali station. Indian railways are astonishing; you never know which train arrives when. So during the hustle of catching train we popped into same compartment. She usually didn't board this train. So I asked her the reason for leaving early. She said she met with an accident not a tragic one but was hurt. For medical reason she was travelling back home. She asked me about what I’m into? I replied engineering. She asked random question about the course. The conversation was going quiet well. I asked her about her kids. She gave a weird look. I said sorry, because it clicked me that I might have asked her some wrong question. Might be she had no kids or something else.

There was silence around. She didn't utter a single word. I found myself in Wrong Square. She bowed down and went into a deep thought. I kept staring at her. Her eyes broke down into tears. She said “I lost my elder son one and half year back!”.  I was shocked that the lady who made the entire ladies special go cheerful had been through such worst trauma. She continued “He would be in third year degree now” She showed me his picture; Hefty Handsome boy. The tears in her eyes depicted how much she missed him. She said “My husband did outdoor tours. So it was just three of us at home; I and my two kids enjoyed a lot, a perfect happy family. One evening when my son was travelling back home he slipped while getting off the train and fell on his face. The crowd admitted him at the nearby hospital. He went into coma and after eight days we lost him. My husband couldn't handle this and lost his senses.”
She is the man of her house. With sorrow in her heart she manages everything. She earns bread for her family, does household job and looks after her child and husband. Even after experiencing such worst tragedy, she manages to keep the atmosphere happy. Her smile is her weapon. She says “I cannot change the past, but I wish where ever he is now he always stays happy .”

I got to learn a lot from that lady. She is a real inspiration. After listening to her story; I recognized my sorrows are nothing in front of those she is going through. The population out there is suffering a lot. You only understand it when people speak out their stories in front of you. This is life my friends whatever happens you need to keep moving ahead.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem!

Pimple! Some say its sign of growing up while some say its frustration, irritation and blah blah.... Now imagine one morning you wake up and notice a pimple on your face. The very first thing you do is search for medication over it and then the only thought going on is “when will this shit disappear?” you never think about its existence or how it popped out? The picture below will help you with it.

Normally what we think is “It’s just one blister I’ll apply little cream and it will clear right up!” And we apply some random cream and then the count increases. One Pimple! Another Pimple and the count never descend. I have friends who prefer ayurvedic tips or pray for the zits to go away.

During group photograph day or photo shoot I have pimples everywhere but, when its vacation time I’m all clear *Pimple free* I have experienced this many a times. Things have changed from the time I started using Garnier Pure Active Neem.

Garnier Pure Active Neem is gel like. It is lemon-green in color. It does not appear to contain soap but, lathers pretty well during application. It gives a cool sensation as in menthol; it has mild and pleasant scent and gives relaxation.

Garnier Pure Active Neem purifies your skin and enriches it with the power of Neem leaf extract and tea tree oil. Your skin feels clean, fresh and all clear. It fights against bacteria, pollution and removes oil. It washes away trouble causing bacteria to help us prevent zits. Deep cleans pores and removes impurities caused by pollution. It even washes away excess oil which is reason for dirt, germ and bacterial infection.

“Skip the herbs,
Skip the random creams
And switch to 
Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash!”

Applying it isn’t a difficult task we just have to gently massage on our face using our fingertips and then rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eye contour area. For best results of Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash use it twice a day. I personally use it twice a day it helps keep my skin clean and clear as it says.Pure Active Neem face wash is affordable; it just costs you 75Rs for 100 gm. It’s worth the price *you won’t regret for spending 75 bugs on it*

This was about Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash, now let’s talk about beauty. Beauty aren’t what’s outside it’s in imperfection as said “It’s the imperfection that make things beautiful” Out of all I have learnt pimple aren’t something we should feel sad for its imperfection which makes us beautiful and helps people see the real beauty in us. So stop stressing yourself for those zits and switch to Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and turn clean and clear!

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

14 Lessons learned In 2K14

14 Lessons Learned In 2K14

#Lesson1 : You can't always believe someone when they say they'll never hurt you.
#Lesson2 : When you are noone people betray you but, when you turn out to be someone people dance along with you.
#Lesson3 : When it's about self esteem and victory, you always need to sell your self esteem to gain victory.
#Lesson4 : Start judging people.
#Lesson5 : Stop trusting everyone.
#Lesson6 : Set your priorities and stick to them
#Lesson7 : Let people Change but,  you don't change.
#Lesson8 : Fight for yourself and let others fight for themselves.
#Lesson9 : The good ones go, if you wait too long...
#Lesson10 : Overconfidence is what kills you!
#Lesson11 : No one belongs to you its just you and only you.
#Lesson12 : The ones who were at top on my priority list are nowhere in my life now.
#Lesson13 : Learn to accpect unexpected.
#Lesson14 : Keep chasing your dreams.

Finally its year end, Now its time to Welcome the new year 2015 cheerfully.
2014 was full of surprises
There were Ups and Downs,
Victory and defeat,
Failure and success,
Joy and sorrow.
Now,  its time to write new chapters in 2K15.