Friday, 31 October 2014

Freaky Friday!

I wish I could skip these fridays!
Fridays have got something different. The 6 days are at one end and friday is at another.I have experienced the worst fridays in my life!  
The thought about 17th June'11 ,the DARK FRIDAY still brings Goosebumps! And now after 3 years ,31st Oct'14 another FREAKY FRIDAY!  Not threatening as the last one but, still...
Fridays have strength to break me.
The feeling of loosing everything thing in hand and waiting for a change. May it be the special person in your life or pride and confidence. Loss is Loss!
Lettme talk about The Freaky Friday i.e 31th Oct'11
Woke-up in the morning with a thought of accepting what ever comes ahead. Finally last day of viva!  The last 4 viva's were best no reviva and no disappoiment . As if the luck was all in my favor.
All prepared with 5 programs out of those tough 10 programs and all prepared for viva. Stepped out of the house.Warm and pleasant morning, everthing sounded cheerful. Saw someone after ages, that smile conversation ☺. Everything was perfect!
Walked inside the lab with confidence it was all game of luck and I picked up the wrong chit.Since, then things changed! 
All I had was Nothing! Staring people around then I made an attempt to convince madam but, as said Game of luck it didn't favor me.
I managed writing what I knew. After leaving the lab, The words striking were "Anushka , you have kicked the ball outside the court!" I had two choice either sit crying or work hard on viva. I choosed the second one I found a lonely corner sat and studied all  concepts that I could.
It was time for viva, all prepared but, what lacked was the confidence. Initially, I answered all questions asked by the internal ;the confidence level was shooting up. The external entered the lab,I can't explain how it went but, all confidence that I had gained lowered. It was fear or something else¿ But, I was losing everything.
She asked question, I tried! But, nothing worked out.I answered upto my level but, things were at wrong place. Reviva! It would sound normal for anyone else, "Reviva hi toh hai!"  that word 'Reviva' broke me.
A big mess
Things were going wrong and more wrong...
Decrement over decrement!
Tension! Tension! Tension!
The saddest kind of sadness is when your tears can't even drop and you feel nothing.
You don't cry.
You don't see.
All blank and people staring you. 
"Reviva,Reviva ayya!" I could hear only these words.
Imagine yourself in a circle with people you never thought sharing that place with. I sat inside the lab for about 2 and a half hour and then gave my reviva.
After reading this you may think "It wasn't such a big issue that it turned the friday into an unlucky friday?"
It might not be a big issue but, the loss is huge!
I lost my confidence
I lost my luck
I lost my strength
It will take time to gain them back but, I'll make upto it.
After todays experience, I would like to share that, "Your luck and confidence are hand in hand ;
Stronger your Luck ,
Stronger your Overconfidence!"  and its
The Overconfidence that kills you!
Stay Strong!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Arien Females♈

Aries ♈ is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, its zodiac symbol is Ram.
Duration is 20th March- 20th April.Individuals born between this duration, depending on which system of astrology they subscribe to, may be called Arians or Ariens.

Its very difficult to describe an arien, This is just an attempt done by me.So ariens if I succeed please do share and let all other signs know what they missed!
All about Arien females
Aries woman is very independent, she knows what she wants and she is determined to get it. She is enthusiastic and determined. An arien woman can never backout.You cannot trust an arien. Avoid sharing personal thoughts.

They love watching battles and if they are into it they'll surely give you a tough fight. Most Arien woman is short tempered and has no idea when exactly her trigger might go off.

Born as a female is never an excuse for her, rather she's proud being a female. The word "Give up" is no where in an arien's dictionary.Female arien's are very passionate and ambitious, bold and aggressive. Her Father was a big influence and usually a hero to an Aries woman, setting an ideal that few men can live up to.

Arien woman have envious and jealous thoughts, which retards her progress and dwarf their nature.Aries are guileless, they may blurt out things that they would not have said or thought about.   Ariens dream big, they are ambitious and always demand life Queen-size. They are dominating and don't allow anyone else dominate them.

They love people and have no desire to hurt anyone, they just don’t think sometimes. If an Aries does act in an inconsiderate way, they will be quick to apologize just as they are quick to forgive and forget when you step on their toes.

They think rethink about smallest shit which shouldn't even bother. They can only be happy when they can conquer all fears and respond to all of life’s challenges.

Proud to be an Arien.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Cause sometimes music just speaks to me..

Without music life is a mistake! It seems meaning-less.. Music is sum of all my feelings which cannot be expressed. Music never bores you and even if it does then my dear friend get some life.When your in vain you focus on the lyrics. I have series of songs which connect with my infinitude feelings.

The song at apex is "Outta Nowhere"
I listen to this song on repeats cause the music just speaks to me.When music fails lyrics works and this song has awesome lyrics. Especially the following lines

"Sooner or later that spark just disappears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere 
Everytime one of us ending up in tears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere  

Is it good that we hurt every day? 
Is this worth all the pain that we feel inside? 
Am I too blind to see this is happening to me 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere?"      

These above lines are close to my heart.Whatever the situation is these lines connect with my situations. 

Have a look at the Lyrics of "Outta Nowhere"
(Pitbull feat. Danny Mercer And Jamie Drastik)

Sooner or later that spark just disappears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere 
Everytime one of us ending up in tears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere 

Is it good that we hurt every day?   
Is this worth all the pain that we feel inside? 
Am I too blind to see this is happening to me 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere?     

I live the fast life, going nowhere fast 
I seen my past life and politely passed 
But I’m already planning on doing it big 
For my life after death, and live my life after death (baby baby) Baby, 
what you think all the training is for?

Just to properly prepare you for war 
So I keep you on your toes   
If you look out for them friends that are really foes 
This career tried to swallow us Paparazzi tried to follow us 

I’m everything that my mama was: 
Rider, survivor, a motherfucking fighter. 
Thank god for this rapping shit (thank you) Forget the cash – it's about happiness 
Normal life – that’s for the birds I work hard so you never say these words     

Sooner or later that spark just disappears   
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere 
Everytime one of us ending up in tears   
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere   

Is it good that we hurt every day? 
Is this worth all the pain that we feel inside?
Am I too blind to see this is happening to me 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere?    

The critics going nowhere (nowhere) 
Think that they know me like the Bible, oh hell (hell) 
But they don’t understand me, oh well   
Snitching is a sport now so please do tell (do tell) 

The world how I raise hell Yeah, 
I did the crime but I skip jail 
I’m just trying to own teams, get it player 
And dance on the globe like Fred Astaire   

The world is ours baby It’s just waiting for us so don’t be late 
And we can both aim for the sky 
And shoot for the stars and call it a date 
Now you know that I know that we know 
If the world wants war cock back and reload 
A normal life, that’s for the birds I work hard, 
So you never say these words     

Sooner or later that spark just disappears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere 
Everytime one of us ending up in tears 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere     

Is it good that we hurt every day? 
Is this worth all the pain that we feel inside? 
Am I too blind to see this is happening to me 
Outta nowhere, outta nowhere

Without music you live life
But, with music you enjoy life!
Keep listening!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Our life
Our destiny
Our luck and us!
Whenever I wished to share my feelings,thoughts or opinions; there was noone around and even if I shared it with my close ones they always made it a part of joke. They laughed on my face! Yes, they did!
I am all alone in this world.
This Emptiness hurts me and drags me towards the same question Do I Exist?
I can talk nonstop
I can Entertain
I can keep the Atmosphere alive
But, I have no Audience for it...
This Emptiness has Transformed ME to a different ME. I have to think twice before saying anything to my close ones coz I never know what word of mine would turn me into a Joker!
Initially, this things never offended me but now they do! 
Now, even in the huge crowd I feel Lonely! It seems I'm infected with this Disease of Lonliness.... Lonliness is complex and unique for each individual. 
I have learned a lot out of this emptiness
How people around me are? 
Does my presence mean something or I'm just a breeze of air?
Now, from ours I have turned to me
My life
My destiny
My luck and me...

On the shores of my life
Im waiting for a breeze of hope!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

It does hurt me...

Yes, I do cry.
It does hurt me.
When someone very close to your heart starts ignoring you it does hurt you...
This didn't happen
It happens during every conversation between us.
When we were kids these things never affected me but now they do. Everytime we have a talk you show your points and stay silent.
my views, my points
seem nothing for you
I cry
I cry every night
I cry the entire day...
It does hurt me....
Feelings are changing
I'm breaking
you have no scars on your face.
It seems it's only affecting me...
You have new people around you. Their company seems to be more pleasurable then mine.

When I look towards the sky
The sky seems finite. But,
when I focus towards the eagle
Sky seems infinite...
So now I have decided
No matter who you are for me,
No matter what you do,
You absolutely, Positively
donot have the power to change...
I just wanna be free now..

Monday, 13 October 2014

Cambios de humor

"Cambios de humor " is a spanish word which means mood swings.
Just a minute ago,
She was a freebie ,
Princess of the universe
The next minute
she would be in
                and all alone. 

Mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in mood. You never know how you'll act another minute. During mood swings you act as a Confused sperm in search of something but clueless of what that something is! People who undergo mood swings have different reasons for it. Mood swings are majorly observed in females  

Warning to all males avoid having conversation with females when they are undergoing mood swings this could turn into disaster!  

Kinda wanna go for a holiday
Kinda wanna get hit by a truck too!     
During moodswings, The person acts as a granite can burst anywhere on anyone. No one can tolerate Moodswings!  
When I go through mood swings!
Im so weird
I'll be the nicest rude person
You would have ever been with...
I don't give a damn about
Anything but
At the same time
I care a lot...
I hate myself
But I'm completely
I need help
But above all I have learnt enjoying this phase.
Maybe due to this I get to explore a different "ME"!☺☺
Comment your Experience about Moodswings!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

You Me and A Perfect "US"

We all have that one person we'll never lose feelings for.When you fall for someone, everything they do becomes so beautiful. When things change you go through breakups.
Two people madly and deeply in love with each other brokeup one day.
Things changed
Time paused
Music was all that they had in common!
She blocked him possibly everywhere. There was no communication between them. He regretted for what he had done. People around were clueless about what had happened but what they wanted was just to see them TOGETHER!
He shared infinitude feelings towards her. As there was no possible way he could communicate with her. He took upto blogging, his blog could make anyone fall in love! Everyone around kept talking about his blogs.She acted like she doesn't care, but deep inside, it did hurt her.
At that time, All she wanted was his blog. She secretly read his blogs. Her heart was demanding love but her stubborn nature denied it. He continued blogging, his blogs were so perfect! That they could bring goosebumps Flawless!
One fine day she also started blogging. Her words spoke her heart! Loyal heart which was beating just for him! He replied her through his blogs. This blog conversation took pretty long time.
Things seemed to change
That atmosphere of love was back.
He kept blogging
She kept blogging and as its said "when you genuinely like and care for someone then the entire universe works on bringing him back in your life!" His last blog was so effective that she couldn't resist and declared her love back!
Betay paal wapas la nahi sakte...
Sukhe phool wapas khil nahi sakte....
Kabhi kabhi lagta hai aap hamein bhul gaye.... 
Par dil kehta hai k aap hamein bhula nai sakte! 

Serenity and You!