Saturday, 30 May 2015

Haiku- Florets

At the break of a dawn
All florets unbolt-- Beautiful, Sweet
As cherry blossom.

P.S: This is my first attempt of Haiku. Inspired by Nimi Arora , Carpe diem haiku kai and Mark . I would appreciate comment. Thankyou!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The last cup of coffee

This story is about Alice and her Dad, Alice is a college going girl and the only child in her family. Her mother works in a private firm at good designation whereas her dad had to take voluntary retirement from his work due to health issues.He was suffering from Ischemic heart disease and was suggested bed rest by the consultant doctor. Alice had to look after her dad during the working hours of her mother. Alice being a teenager, was less serious about dad's health this doesn't mean that she didn't love him, she did but the age group she was in demanded more of fun and enthusiasm.

It was Monday morning, Alice was sitting downstairs when a loud voice aroused from upstairs "Alice get me a cup of coffee please" .On which Alice replied, "There's no coffee powder home dad, I'll get it by evening". "Okay!", responded her Dad.

Meanwhile, A message dropped into Alice's inbox saying "Party tonight at Sam's Place!" Time passed by, It was evening and the only topic Alice kept thinking about was party at Sam's place. She left home in the evening saying her friends had planned group studies at Sam's place. While leaving Dad said "Don't forget coffee dear!" Alice reached home late and directly went to bed. The party fever was so high that she forgot about the coffee.

Next morning dad again asked "Coffee Alice?" On which Alice said "I'll get it by evening Dad". The same scenario carried on for few days.

It was Friday, Alice was leaving for college, Dad said "Alice dear, please get the coffee today" She replied "Yeah dad!" and left. On her way to college, she thought about surprising her dad by buying coffee for him today so she bought the coffee from the shop on the way and after attending the college she directly came home. When she opened the door, she noticed that there was no one downstairs so she rushed into the kitchen and prepared coffee and started walking towards dad's room. When she stepped inside the room, she found her dad lying down on the floor and there were blood droplets scattered all over the floor. She screamed in great pain and kept staring the cup of coffee... The last cup of coffee

Thursday, 21 May 2015

How Perfect we make!

The first time we met
I felt in the pinks
My heart was frozen
But, kept beating your name

In an odd way,
Clueless of what to say
I resided besides you
And fell for you over again.

The amount of butterflies you create
The Red-Pink-Purple fever
You have no idea
How perfect we make!

I never confessed
How much I love you
Cause It Gives way
To deeper fears

I truly hope there comes a day
Blue moon and white hay
Beneath the summer sky
I confess to you, What I always wanted to say.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The New Aurora of Tomorrow

You walked into my life
Like the ray of hope,
Shining a little white
in that black shade.

Breaking the dawn
Over the valley,
We sowed the seeds
Of togetherness and love.

The story begin
from seed to plant,
Fondling all those moments
with affection and allegiance.

Then, In a trice
You walked away,
As if there was nothing
like it sounded to be.

Wailing in the blues
All Alone and broken,
I got drown in
The ocean of Cimmerian.

Shattered by the storm,
As I picked up pieces
of my broken heart
I saw the new aurora of tomorrow.

Maa- My First Expert

“Maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. mumma
Ho.. Maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. mumma 

Haatho ki laqeerein badal jaayengi
Gham ki ye zanjeerein pighal jaayengi
Ho Khuda pe bhi asar
Tu duaao'n ka hai ghar
Meri maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 
Ho.. Maa, Meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 

Bigdi kismat bhi sanwar jaayegi
Zindagi taraane khushi ke gaayegi
Tere hote kiska darr
Tu duaao'n ka hai ghar
Meri maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 
Ho.. Maa, Meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 

Yun to main.. sabse nyaara hoon
Par tera maa.. main dulaara hoon

Yun to main.. sabse nyaara hoon
Par tera maa.. main dulaara hoon

Duniya mein jeene se jyada uljhan hai maa
Tu hai amar ka jahaan..
Tu gussa karti hai bada achchha lagta hai
Tu kaan pakadti hai
Badi jor se lagtaa hai meri maa..

Meri maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 
Ho.. Maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma

Haatho ki laqeerein badal jaayengi
Gham ki ye zanjeerein pighal jaayengi
Ho Khuda pe bhi asar
Tu duaao'n ka hai ghar
Meri maa, meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma 
Ho.. Maa, Meri maa, pyaari maa.. Mumma “

The lines above are lyrics of song Maa, Meri Maa, Pyaari Maa from the hindi movie Dasvidaniya sung & written by Mr.Kailash Kher. Music is sum of all my feelings which cannot be expressed. These above lines are close to my heart and I dedicate this song to my Maa.

During our school times,Our Teacher often gave us a common topic “Mother” to elaborate upon. As the year passed by; we improvised the material over that topic. For an instance take an example of school going kids, if you ask them to define their mother in one word their answer will be something like this:
1st standard kid says “Mother is my angel
2nd Standard kid says “Mother is my universe”.... 
And we grownup kids now say “Mother is our ATM”. The reasons for her presence in our life are materialistic. If we need something from her we call her. But, we have forgotten that she is a sculptor who welded, carved, and modelled our personality and made us the person what we are today.

This reminds me of the famous dialogue from hindi movie named Deewar
Vijay: Aaj mere paas paisa hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai, naukar hai, bank balance hai, aur tumhare paas kya hai?
Ravi: Mere paas Maa hai!
The conversation between Vijay and Ravi brings us to the conclusion that in spite of having all the happiness in  life Vijay lost his mother. He lost his first expert, first friend and the person he would blindly trust upon.

Mother *Maa*, is the universe around you, it might sound hyperbole but its truth! Be it water, food, t-shirt, bag pack, sickness or any random thing only one voice comes out of in loud- Maa. Here is one of my experiences where my maa mentored me for cooking. It was midsummer period my dad was hospitalised for a month and Maa was with dad at hospital.  It was my duty to look after house and food. It was three of us at home I, My elder brother and grandpa. I was given kitchen duty for that month. *Big trouble*. I was thirteen and didn’t know how to cook rice and dal. After few attempts, Clueless of what was being served bhai and grandpa sat for lunch. After the first bite of food their expressions felt like their jaw had some kind of reaction to food being put into. * I had expected these expressions*  The very next thing I did was I called mumma and asked her the procedure. *Maa- My expert* She taught me this “One cup rice, two cup water, add them into cooker, two cooker whistles and the delicious rice is ready” This was how I learned cooking. My mother is the first person I learnt to rely on. She has always been there for me, protecting me from all my fears to making me a strong girl. Maa I owe my life to you.
I and My Mumma’s hair expert: Godrej- My Hair Expert 

These are two blogs dedicted to Meri Maa... Mumma:

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Like Daughter,Like Mother


"All that I'm                      
Or hope to be
I owe to my                      
Angel Mother”
-Abraham Lincoln.

She isn't just a Mother! She is a damn good one. The tag mother makes her an alarm clock, maid, cook, waitress, nurse, teacher, referee, security guard, councillor, hairdresser, event planner, personal assistant and ATM Machine. She is on full time service *24/7 working* for the rest of her life. She works day and night.

"She is a person.
She is strong. She is smart.
She is courageous. She is generous.
She is daughter Sister Wife Mother.
She gives you life, love, respect.
She believes in you...
And all what she deserves is
To be with you Forever...”

Dear mumma,

I have loved you since I opened my eyes.
You have a backbone made of steel and a heart of gold.
I never made you feel special

But, today I wanna tell you
How much I love you.
I want you.
I want you to be always besides me.
I want to spend all my good times with you.
                Like daughter, like mother Forever...

I may not be like the one; you always wanted me to be.
I apologize for all those mistakes I have made.
You mean everything to me; you’re the universe around me.
You have no idea how important you’re to me!
Your love is the greatest treasure for me.

Love you always...

Like Daughter, Like Mother.
Happy Mothers Day! 


Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Kapil Dev, one of the greatest cricket players of India and the first captain to guide India to its first victory: The World Cup, 1983. The God of Cricket while playing always gave his best both with bat and ball. Kapil Dev contributed to the cause of the team with both bat and the ball and saved the team from impossible situations.

The man, who remained India's main strike bowler for almost 15 years, needs no introduction. Kapil Dev is now all over twitter trending with his new deal : “Ek Nayi League”. There isn’t anything much available on the web about the #EkNayiLeague, just few campaign and videos that have gone viral talking about this latest rove.

These are few videos I spotted about the same. In these video; Kapil Dev is focusing on few words- Do it with the head and not the heart. If you play with all your heart you will definitely get a fall. In these videos he repeats few lines “Dil se Khela toh googly” “Dil se khela toh hit wicket” which means this new league won’t be same as the normal leagues. Kapil Dev has some different ideas regarding it.

Twitter is trending with all guesswork of what actually this new league is about. There are so many interesting guesses going on twitter about it. Some tweeted bathroom singing; while some claimed Madhuri Dixit to participate in a dance show. People from different industries are also tweeting about the same; thus trending #EkNayiLeague all over the web.

Now let me sum up my thoughts regarding the New League: #EkNayiLeague; According to the videos; Kapil Sir claims that this will be a reward for our country and thus will involve all the sports players. A new game format, where the bollywood and television celebrities will be involved with other sports players in it. Like the IPL; this will be another league setup by Kapil Sir with new rules and new regulations. A new league with more of fun and which will test your intelligence.

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also congratulated Kapil Sir from his official twitter handle for this new venture. With so much trending around and involvement of so many personalities this new league is definitely going to be a big venture all together.

Kapil Dev promises to unfold the secrets about the new league in few days through twitter. There is a huge response for this new league and involvement of so many people from different industries in it that has made the new league :#EkNayiLeague a big thing and a special one.

 Screenshot: Ek Nayi League Youtube video

Wish the team and Kapil Dev all the good luck and best wishes for #EkNayiLeague.

You can get more updates about same here – EkNayiLeague: