Friday, 26 June 2015

Muzak of my life

It was Sunday morning; I woke up with beautiful soft tune playing in background. When I took a look around I found no speakers and nothing related to music around. When I walked outside the room the music automatically changed; it was so surprising. I thought some ones making fun of me or that kind of thing. But, then I realised as my thoughts and moods were changing the music kept changing. I called up a friend and told her about it on which she replied “its hangover: Try lemon dear!”

The music didn't stop it kept changing as situations were changing. I had lemon juice: still there were no changes. It was like an orchestra always following you everywhere, even in toilet and kitchen and where you had never imagined it to be. I was home alone so I thought calling up doctor would be the best solution. When I called our family doctor the assistant said “His busy, I’ll inform you once his free!” I was annoyed with the background music earlier but, I loved it later as it automatically kept shuffling music based on my mood and situation. Every emotion becomes more intense with background music.

Finally I had my personal playlist!! As the time passed by, it was lunch time. When I sat on the dining table the music changed to the soft tune which is generally played in restaurants. It was so blissful! The most surprising part was when I made or picked up a call the music would change depending on the person I called. As it was Sunday I just wanted to relax, so there was nothing planned about the day.

It was evening: I sat in the balcony with a novel and a cup of coffee. The music was still on. As I read the first line song changed and it went on changing line by line. Now, it was annoying me. I tried to distract myself from the background music the more I tried the more it kept shuffling. The blissful background music turned awful now. I tried my best to escape from the orchestra that kept following me. But, it wasn’t happening. It became a pain now. The music was changing with high frequency... I started feeling uncomfortable more uncomfortable and I screamed with great vain. And that’s when I woke up and realized it was just another bad dream.

After this dream, I believe we should just accept what life serves us then expecting things from it. Initially: I always kept thinking about world with background music but, now I’m pretty happy with what life has served me. Background music is beautiful in cinemas and plays rather than reality.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015


The world is progressing every second in every possible field but, the Indian mentality still manages to straggle behind. In spite of acquiring graduation and post graduation, people still have some inflexible views; which hamper the development of our nation. The Indian Mentality needs to advance.

The most common Indian Mentality: Assuming that every girl and guy walking together are having an affair. The modern world and the modern crowd have a different mindset (wide mindset) where they accept things and evolve with the changing time. On the other hand there are inflexible ones who are not accepting and adapting the changing times.

You share a photo with guy friend and they start commenting upon it. Evolve! and save those thoughts and comments for some effective cause please. “I saw her with a guy in restaurant!” As if the girl committed some sort of crime and needs to be convicted for it. The news about the coffee and that guy spreads like fire everywhere that the girl thinks twice before sipping a coffee next time. Evolve! She just had a coffee. Phone flashes: Jack Calling. If those rigid ones notice this they start questioning "Whose Jack?" "Why did you save his number?" "Why is he calling?" . Why? Why on the earth do those rigid ones need to know who Jack is? Evolve! He is just a good friend.
Evolve! And start accepting and adapting the changing times. If you want the modern world and modern crowd to walk along with you; you inflexible ones need to evolve and shape yourself according to the modern world. 

The inflexible crowd out there should understand
“I'm living my life my way, and you need to accept it and allow your thoughts to evolve with time!"

"Evolving Place
        Evolving Time
                Evolving Thoughts
                        Evolving Future!"

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Friday, 19 June 2015

ABCD 2: Second Chance.

We to be engineers are on vacations!!! (Monsoon Vaccations! *_*). So I and my friends planned to go for a Hindi film against the regular English flick. The movie we choose was ABCD 2 (Any Body Can Dance 2) which hits theatres today; directed by Remo D'Souza casting Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhudheva and Lauren Gautileb.(P.S: I am no great analyst of movies) Talking about the movie: ABCD 2 is a film bollywood can be proud of producing any time. It is a treat of dance sequences that will leave you electrifying. ABCD 2 is a delightful ensemble of well-choreographed dance performances and even makes use of 3D to make it more impressive. Talking about negatives there are forced emotions, poorly-written dialogues and weak story plotting, above all negatives ABCD2 had a colossal impact on me.

ABCD2 movie has a phase wherein Prabhudeva says, "Everyone deserves a second chance!"- the most impactful dialogue in the movie . After watching the flick; on my way home I just kept thinking about it "Is Second Chance really important in life?" by the time I reached home I had an answer to it: "Yes, it is!!" Second chance can be a turning point in your life. If life gives you a second chance you should be grateful for it as you’re the fortunate one who got a second chance. I believe if you are genuinely guilty for the mistakes you have made, you surely deserve a second chance. One should not forget that life isn't always graceful; if it gives you second chance make the best out of it cause you sometimes deserve a second chance but, not the third one.

“11:11 happens twice day                           
         Because everyone deserves        
                  A second chance”

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Life is too short to blend in

Life is too short to be someone else rather than being the real you!  One should stop trying to blend in with other set or kind and be yourself, and make friends who enjoy having you around! Spend time with the ones who want you to be you and not the one wherein you fake a different personality. I believe everyone should try to be unique, act unique, dress unique and be a li’l unique to stand out from the crowd. One should take time out of his busy schedule to know yourself; who you are? In which direction your life is moving? There’s nothing wrong to stand out or to be different. One should never be scared for being just you. Life is too short to be an acolyte; break out and be yourself. 

Just be YOU rather then regretting later!

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“Any man
Can be a FATHER
But, it takes
Someone special
To be a DAD!”
-Anne Geddes

When it comes to pen few words about dad, I go on a flashback of all those memories and moments I have spent with him. I’m unfortunate because I got a very li’l time to spend with my dad. But, how much ever time it was; it was the best period of my life. He wasn’t a billionaire but, he worked 24*7 to spill happiness and joy in my life. I don’t even remember a single wish of mine which wasn’t full filled may it be buying the exact light pink colour dress or cancelling his busy meeting just for the movie I was waiting for.

These are some of those memorable times I have spent with my dad. It was summer and I wanted to go on a holiday, but dad weren't healthy enough to go on any kind of tour. Since I was a kid momma never shared dad’s health issues with me. And as dad never said “No!” to any of my wishes dad planned a Goa tour. My momma and brother were at home as my brother had his semester exams on. He had booked plane tickets it was my first time travelling by an aeroplane. Goa was my last tour with dad. He made it the best tour and the memorable one.

I remember those days: After returning from school, if I wouldn’t find dad around I would turn the house upside down. I remember he used to sit on the bed; reading the newspaper and I would hug him, kiss his cheeks and sit beside him and narrate every bit of thing that happened in school. Now, when I return home after college I find the room vacant, I miss those talks. I never kept anything in heart and now when he is not around it hurts. I and dad shared a very different bond. I was very close to him. I never shared a single thing with momma whereas dad knew every bit of it.

It’s been four years now, I miss him! But, I know he is somewhere around me watching me and that is the only thing which makes me strong!
Dad, I am grateful for whatever you have done for me. No matter how far we are you’ll always be my super hero.
I Love you Infinity and Beyond!
I would like to share with my readers that hugging your dad and saying "I love you, dad!" would be the best gift for this father's day.
Love and Respect DAD Always!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

20 Natural and Simple Skin Care Tips

"People will stare. 
Make it 
worth their while"

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and we all appreciate beauty tips and who doesn't want a beautiful glowing smooth skin and appreciated by every man. We are wired to be attracted to people with clear skin and a glowing complexion because it's a sign of good health. 


So here is a list of 20 Natural and Simple Skin Care Tips--

1. Switch to Vegetables and never skip those high-water content veggies.
2. Eat nuts and seeds as they are a perfect food and contain Omega-3s, healthy fats, and fibre to help improve the condition of your skin.
3. Meditation helps to keep your digestion and helps to stay healthy.
4. Wash your face with water often as it keeps you fresh and prevents skin oiling.
5. Use coconut oil to get rid of wrinkles and has many other skin benefits.
6. Mixture of multani mitti and buttermilk are very effective and safe.
7. Drink plenty of water!! Water is the secret to beautiful skin. Drinking water in the morning is known to have loads of benefits, including helping the digestive system, keeping the skin moisturized, and helping you wake up and make you feel energized
8. Fruits are the best glowing agents. Papaya peel and mango pulp are the best glowing agents. You must try grape face mask as it give's you radiant skin. The fruit face mask not only makes your skin vibrant and smooth, but also is very healthy to your skin.
9. Oily skin can trust jojoba oil to cleanse make-up as jojoba oil is not really oil, but a liquid wax ester prepared from jojoba seeds. It closely resembles our own sebum and cleanses without clogging the pores.

10. Consuming one tablespoon of Chyawanprash can remove toxins from the skin, reduce blemishes, helps you build your immunity and keep cold and cough at bay.
11. Consuming a spoon of honey is not only healthy for the body and it hydrates the skin; it also does wonders for the skin. Honey is known for its moisturising qualities and makes skin feel more smooth and hydrated.
12. Lime water helps you to flush impurities from the blood and the juice lightens your skin complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes and age spots. Directly apply it on your face don't worry if there's a little tingling sensation.
13. Dead sea mud mask can help you get rid of acne and soothe skin ailments and it has many uses in soap and other cosmetic products around the world.
14. Turmeric powder and milk help you cleanse your skin, beautify it and ensure you are glowing all the time.
15. Chana dal flour is also a great ingredient that takes off unwanted hair effectively.
16. Saffron can help remove tan and help to develop a good tone and brighten the skin.
17. Sandalwood possesses antiseptic properties and even helps in the blood circulation under the skin. It can give you clear looking and glowing skin.
18. Switch to green tea as it is one of the best foods available on the planet, and no wonder it is full of antioxidants, which eliminate free radicals and prevent flaky skin.
19. Mixture of potato juice and lemon juice helps to get flawless skin sans oil, grease, blemish and acne.
20. Lavender is one of the most wonderful essential oils known to man. And sea salt is known for its detoxifying properties. Mix them together and you'll get divine smelling body scrub.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I stopped crying the day, 
You left me half way
Unknown to my fate,
I kept walking away.

Time ran--Tick Tock, 
Heart turned a solid rock.
Monsoons went dry
Summer turned cold.

Now, I'm flying free
Above that silent sea.
Flushing the old days
I'm dreaming a new chase.

Friday, 5 June 2015


Sometimes when you’re alone; you go on a flashback. You start recalling all those sweet and sour memories. Sweet memories bring pleased and amused expression on your face and then your mind diverts; you start recalling those bitter memories which make you feel down in dumps. Then all of sudden you start missing someone, someone close to your heart. Tears start shedding down and feel crestfallen and dejected. This feeling is so weird that the only option left to come out of it is weeping... You cry your heart out. You start weeping bitterly, after crying at a length you realize you are strong enough and you yourself can make your life wonderful and the key is your smile, your laughter. That’s when you wipe your tears and say “I'm strong!”

Have you ever experienced this, if yes do share your views and comment on the box below. 

Haiku- Reminiscence

Rimy evening
Reminiscence of enduring days
Life recalls.