Friday, 24 April 2015


It started with midnight phone calls; everyone was wishing me Happiest Birthday. Whatsapp group names were changing *All those weird names that people addressed me by* some were personal messaging me while rest were posting on my timeline. All the while I was just blushing because it was my day! It took me 2.30am to reply everyone.

It was VIVA day. I had managed to study just few concepts and rest was drowned in Birthday Fever. The Viva went awesome. *Go and NoReviva: These words are actually awesome* for about 2 hours I was just sitting with my friends and wondering what was being planned for my birthday.

One of my friend left me alone on the 2nd floor saying "Go at the place where you find books" and I'm like "•_• what is this?" Then I walked towards library, I found one of my friend sitting near the library staircase. I being impatient said "Give me my old spice" He gave me the old spice deodorant and all the way blushing and overexcited I sat beside him and asked "What’s the next clue, I want another old spice" Giggling he said "Chemistry, Run!!!"

Then we ran towards Chemistry lab. Another friend was waiting near the chemistry lab; I said "Old spice?" *Innocently* He said "You need to answer some questions" and asked me all those choosy personal questions *_* He gave me another Old Spice *Two Two Old Spice * Then they both said "1st Viva" and ran... I went near the lab where I gave my 1st viva; two other friends were waiting there. I again innocently asked "Old Spice!" And then after testing my patience they gave me the third Old Spice Deodorant *Three Three Old Spice_ *

The next clue was "That place inside college premises where I spend most of my time" It was- Back way! We all ran towards the back way! *Mixed feelings!* My Bestiee was waiting there for me. She handed me a plastic bag; there was something gift wrapped in it. I opened the gift it was a- Sling Bag! I was overwhelmed with things they had planned for me. I seriously didn't know how to react! It was something no one had ever done for me. Treasure Hunt, 3 old spices and a sling bag!

One of them said "This doesn't end here" I had no reaction I just said "What’s next!" It was more then what I had expected for the day. Then I walked outside the premises of our college. All of my friends were waiting there. *The best feeling* you know your special when people do so much for you! To my surprise it was a Modak Cake that too chocolate flavour. I was laughing for about 5mins; then it was cake cutting time everyone was singing the birthday melody! Then all my fellas gave me a chocolate spa *Chocolate everywhere- My Hair, face and shirt* they gifted me a Ganpati Idol- It was beautiful.

On my way back home, my bestiee handed me a bag. I opened the bag there was an explosion box in it! It was super awesome *It was the Best Gift ever* It was a flashback of all those memories we had spend together. It was simply the best thing that one would gift me on my birthday! *Made My Day!*
I reached home; my school time besties were home. They gift me a pretty, cute birthday card; few nail paints, earrings and a cute pendant. Then it was second cake cutting time! Another cream spa *_* we had some lovely time together *Gossips and those girl friend talks*.  My junior college friends arrived home with a blueberry cake then I cut my third cake. Mummy had prepared some delicious starters for them; they had it and after some chit chatting we went out for bike rides. We went to nearby dock; my friend had bought those paper lanterns. After few attempts we managed to light one. The lantern of wishes and hope went towards that huge sky!

I reached home at about 10:30 or so. My sister-in-law *Brother’s wife* had decorated my room and the yummy black forest flavoured cake was placed in the centre. It was my fourth cake!!!! It was so special. The day ended with family time...

Smiles and giggles
Joy and blushes
New merriment that stays forever....
Thank you so much for 
all those jubilation and surprises.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


After watching this AIB – Save Internet video; I was astonished with what the network companies are aiming at! Net Neutrality is one of the hottest topics these days. Now, let me elaborate on what net neutrality is; its the scheme that internet service providers give their customers equal access to all lawful websites and services on the internet, without giving priority to any website over another.

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Now, the question arises why we should be concerned about net neutrality and how it will help us? Let’s talk in context to blogging. We bloggers have our own blog url. If net neutrality is not brought into application then access to our blogs will be a difficult task. If the internet service providers have our blog url at lowest priority on request for our blog it will either show “Pay for access” or will take pretty long time to load it and as we know our human tendency; people demand quick response and if the blog takes long time or demands payment option people will surely cancel the request. Thus, our blog stats will lower and it will in turn be difficult to share our words with our viewers.

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If there is no net neutrality then it’s definitely an issue to be worried about. So let’s take a step against it and say YES to NET NEUTRAILTY #SaveTheInternet #NetNeutralityIndia. Just follow few steps to contribute to Save the Internet initiative
  • Goto .
  • Click on Submit your response to TRAI (About TRAI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is the independent regulator of the telecommunications business in India.)
  • Click on Response to TRAI Now (Wherein you email to        

Thus, you contribute a little to Save the Internet.

For more details about Net Neutrality have a look at the video embedded in this blog post or visit Facebook and Twitter. This blog is initiative of #NetNeutrailityIndia Indiblogger.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Life without Google!

So let me ask a simple question to all the blog post readers; what do you know? What have you learned? Without Google! Think... Nothing? Oh that’s sad so your life is totally dependent on Google. There are many or should say MANYYYYYY people *exaggerating* who depend on Google for many different things; count me one of them.

Let me jot down those simple things Google taught me and ways it helped me:

Ø  Compressing a file (zip file)

When I was in high school one of our professor said us to mail him some documents; I tried twice thrice the gmail said reduce the size of file “File too large” I didn’t know what to do, Called up one of my friend he said convert into zip file. How to do it? Was the next question he said that he was running late; Google it and get the solution and that’s how I learned how to compress a file.

Ø  Letters and resume

One of the difficulties I use to face was writing formal letters for professional purpose. I don’t know why but it proved a difficult task for me. Now, Google mastered me in it. Resume is one of the main things and it needs to be perfect and thanks to Google it helped me to build my resume.

Ø  Music

Google is the only source for music. For a music lover like me Google is a blessing!

Ø  Costume Designer:

Google is my costume designer. It serves you with variety of design from modern to traditional for parties to pooja’s here you get collection of all new trending designs.

Ø  Chai

Google is my recipe book. One evening guest arrived mumma said “Prepare tea for uncle and family!” My reactions were 0_0 and I said in mind “Challenge accepted “I walked into the kitchen and prepared tea, tasted it and it was YUCK!! Had no option; kept staring at my cell phone and It clicked “Google can help!” and that’s how I prepared my first tea.

Ø  Google Maps

I and my cousins went for a road trip, miles away from the city and reached a dead end. Clueless of where we were and what was going to happen next. That’s when Google maps saved us and we found the route back home.

Google has always been a life saver and imagining life without it scares me. Thanks Larry page and Sergey Brin for Google! I would windup by saying "Have a query ping google; google will get it solved for you!"

This blog post is part of #Lifewithoutgoogle indiblogger.

ASUS Zenfone 2

The world of technology is demanding innovation and here it is; ASUS has something new for us: The ASUS Zenfone 2.

5 reasons why I would choose ASUS Zenfone 2:

Variations in colour:
While reading the features of ASUS Zenfone 2 it just dawned on me: I think I am amongst those for whom these coloured phones were designed for. The Coloured phone has its own swag. Who doesn’t want to show-off a coloured phone? ASUS Zenfone 2 is available in variety of color’s Black, White, Red, Gray, Gold and many more. I would prefer having a gray piece.

Mobile cameras are so beneficial; it is a luxury and an affordable thing to buy. Those days when we had no cellphone home there were many memorable moments when I wished I had a camera to capture it. I guess there are many people like me who have experienced this but no worries now we have ASUS Zenfone 2 camera which will help us with this. ASUS Zenfone 2 has Front 5 Mega-Pixel camera with Fix Focus, Wide View and PixelMaster which serves you with perfect selfiesss. Rear 13 Mega-Pixel with Auto Focus and PixelMaster which helps you develope the photographic skills in you.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3:
Corning's Gorilla Glass has much new development in it for protecting mobile and computing device screens.  ASUS Zenfone 2 is provided with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is more flexible and the best part is its 40% more scratch-resistant property. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is tough evolved and native damage resistance. I had read in some article about gorilla glass that it’s thin, durable, and highly transparent and can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

Android 5.0 (Lollipop):
ASUS Zenfone 2 works on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) platform. Android 5.0 (Lollipop) makes the phone more user friendly with its new features in the notification panel, In addition to this the soft key buttons receive are smaller and look compact. Multitasking is one of the features which allow us to scroll through your notifications in an easier manner.  Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is simpler thus ASUS Zenfone 2 will in turn be more user friendly than other devices.

The brand itself is one big enough reason to choose the ASUS Zenfone 2. According to the details ASUS is the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. “Innovation is the key to the success of ASUS.” As this line says we ASUS user know that the professional team of ASUS is definitely working best to bring about new innovation in the world of technology.

For more details about ASUS Zenfone 2 visit this link >> 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Wish Box

Life is uncertain! No one can predict future. Some say life it short, explore life before it’s taken away. Every person has his own list of to-do-things before he dies. This blog post is one of my attempts to make a list of that entire box full of things I wanna do before I die.
So let’s pop out one by one all the wishes from my wish box

#1: Buying an expensive saree for my mom from my first payment.
            I haven't started earning enough but want to buy the most expensive saree for my mumma from my first payment.

#2: I want to dive with great whites, Gansbaai, South Africa
            Gansbaai is amongst top attractive places, a small fishing village with Great white sharks. I haven’t been that fortunate to visit it yet but surely wanna travel there once for Shark Cage diving.

#3: Buy my own Mercedes-Benz
            Who doesn’t want to own his own car? The car of my dreams: MERCEDES-BENZ. Every common man in India dreams three things Limitless credit, car of his dream and own house. So do me, Dream to earn good enough to buy Mercedes Benz one day. *BIG DREAMS* Happiness is long drives in your dream car.

#4: Wanna fly to all wonders of the world
            Starting from the love memorial Taj Mahal, India to Great Wall of China then flying towards Petra, Jordan. Clicking a selfie with Christ the Redeemer, Brazil then heading towards Chichen Itza, Mexico and Machu Picchu, Peru finally ending up at Colosseum, Italy.  

#5: Want to attend Arijit Singh’s live concert
            Arijit Singh is the new singing trend these days. He is the most popular Indian play back singer and a music programmer. He has an awesome voice. I have an amazing collection of Arijit unplugged but, want to listen it once live!

#6: Paris
            Paris: The city of my dreams. After watching the flick “Letters to Juliet” I turned out to be more obsessed about Paris. Want to visit Eiffel tower and other most visited monuments in the city, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

#7: Get Inked
            My Mumma says “NO” actually a big no for tattoos but, I want to get inked *permanently* before demises.

#8: Adopt at least one girl child
            I’m someone who promotes girl child education *Feminism* and have a soft corner towards those girls who cannot afford education. I want to adopt at least one girl child and sponsor her education. *Padhega India tabhi toh badega India*

#9: Go on a road trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
            “Chennai express” wasn’t a great flick *PS: not a movie critic* but every since I have watched that movie. The song “Kashmir tu mein Kanya kumara...” brought this thought about going for a road trip from Kashmir to kanya kumara. Discover India!

#10: Learn a foreign language
            Except for hindi, Marathi and English I want to get professionally trained in some other foreign language. *Spanish or say French...*

The box isn’t full yet there are many wishes yet to be added. The list will get better and better as I explore myself. I’ll definitely give it my best to fulfil all of the wishes.

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April- It’s special

It’s April, come on how I can keep calm it’s my birthday month! I know a peculiar start for the blog post but It’s my birthday Month!!! Those pre birthday vibes, butterflies, goose bumps, background music *Choti Choti Khushiyon Pe Dil Maare Chalang* and birthday count downs *12 days left Yayyyy!!!* The excitement has no limit.

I have been waiting for this month since last April *_*. April, I’m feeling a little elevated and thrilled, Is this birthday fever? These day’s people keep questioning me “Why are you blushing? Why so happy?” I didn't want anybody to know about this birthday fever because they would start imagining things. Anyways, this fever has no cure. It just gets more and more day by day.

The initial April days went planning my birthday but, since last few days I’m thinking about celebrating my birthday alone. Pampering myself! Eating, cooking, dancing, shopping, and watching movies the entire day. I have always been so excited and eager about my birthdays. Every birthday I experience a new feeling, new excitement and new thrill. *Birthday fever*.

Each birthday has a lesson to be learned from the mistakes I make. Every birthday I make a new resolution. *The Birthday Resolutions*. Last birthday it was about chasing my dreams. I gave it my best this year to take a step ahead and explore my dreams. Asked for opportunities, what I want, what I need and what can help me grow. It took time for me to recognize when things weren’t working but, then I filled that void of bumps and blocks and created a path for me. Trusting universe I’m talking a step further towards my dreams. The lesson learned *Birthday Lessons*: “Don’t be afraid to have big dreams, just keep chasing them!”

Everyday I’m getting excited for what's gonna happen on my birthday. This birthday fever has no cure until the dawn of my birthday. Just waiting for the day!

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