Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Wish Box

Life is uncertain! No one can predict future. Some say life it short, explore life before it’s taken away. Every person has his own list of to-do-things before he dies. This blog post is one of my attempts to make a list of that entire box full of things I wanna do before I die.
So let’s pop out one by one all the wishes from my wish box

#1: Buying an expensive saree for my mom from my first payment.
            I haven't started earning enough but want to buy the most expensive saree for my mumma from my first payment.

#2: I want to dive with great whites, Gansbaai, South Africa
            Gansbaai is amongst top attractive places, a small fishing village with Great white sharks. I haven’t been that fortunate to visit it yet but surely wanna travel there once for Shark Cage diving.

#3: Buy my own Mercedes-Benz
            Who doesn’t want to own his own car? The car of my dreams: MERCEDES-BENZ. Every common man in India dreams three things Limitless credit, car of his dream and own house. So do me, Dream to earn good enough to buy Mercedes Benz one day. *BIG DREAMS* Happiness is long drives in your dream car.

#4: Wanna fly to all wonders of the world
            Starting from the love memorial Taj Mahal, India to Great Wall of China then flying towards Petra, Jordan. Clicking a selfie with Christ the Redeemer, Brazil then heading towards Chichen Itza, Mexico and Machu Picchu, Peru finally ending up at Colosseum, Italy.  

#5: Want to attend Arijit Singh’s live concert
            Arijit Singh is the new singing trend these days. He is the most popular Indian play back singer and a music programmer. He has an awesome voice. I have an amazing collection of Arijit unplugged but, want to listen it once live!

#6: Paris
            Paris: The city of my dreams. After watching the flick “Letters to Juliet” I turned out to be more obsessed about Paris. Want to visit Eiffel tower and other most visited monuments in the city, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

#7: Get Inked
            My Mumma says “NO” actually a big no for tattoos but, I want to get inked *permanently* before demises.

#8: Adopt at least one girl child
            I’m someone who promotes girl child education *Feminism* and have a soft corner towards those girls who cannot afford education. I want to adopt at least one girl child and sponsor her education. *Padhega India tabhi toh badega India*

#9: Go on a road trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
            “Chennai express” wasn’t a great flick *PS: not a movie critic* but every since I have watched that movie. The song “Kashmir tu mein Kanya kumara...” brought this thought about going for a road trip from Kashmir to kanya kumara. Discover India!

#10: Learn a foreign language
            Except for hindi, Marathi and English I want to get professionally trained in some other foreign language. *Spanish or say French...*

The box isn’t full yet there are many wishes yet to be added. The list will get better and better as I explore myself. I’ll definitely give it my best to fulfil all of the wishes.

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