Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The last cup of coffee

This story is about Alice and her Dad, Alice is a college going girl and the only child in her family. Her mother works in a private firm at good designation whereas her dad had to take voluntary retirement from his work due to health issues.He was suffering from Ischemic heart disease and was suggested bed rest by the consultant doctor. Alice had to look after her dad during the working hours of her mother. Alice being a teenager, was less serious about dad's health this doesn't mean that she didn't love him, she did but the age group she was in demanded more of fun and enthusiasm.

It was Monday morning, Alice was sitting downstairs when a loud voice aroused from upstairs "Alice get me a cup of coffee please" .On which Alice replied, "There's no coffee powder home dad, I'll get it by evening". "Okay!", responded her Dad.

Meanwhile, A message dropped into Alice's inbox saying "Party tonight at Sam's Place!" Time passed by, It was evening and the only topic Alice kept thinking about was party at Sam's place. She left home in the evening saying her friends had planned group studies at Sam's place. While leaving Dad said "Don't forget coffee dear!" Alice reached home late and directly went to bed. The party fever was so high that she forgot about the coffee.

Next morning dad again asked "Coffee Alice?" On which Alice said "I'll get it by evening Dad". The same scenario carried on for few days.

It was Friday, Alice was leaving for college, Dad said "Alice dear, please get the coffee today" She replied "Yeah dad!" and left. On her way to college, she thought about surprising her dad by buying coffee for him today so she bought the coffee from the shop on the way and after attending the college she directly came home. When she opened the door, she noticed that there was no one downstairs so she rushed into the kitchen and prepared coffee and started walking towards dad's room. When she stepped inside the room, she found her dad lying down on the floor and there were blood droplets scattered all over the floor. She screamed in great pain and kept staring the cup of coffee... The last cup of coffee

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