Friday, 5 June 2015


Sometimes when you’re alone; you go on a flashback. You start recalling all those sweet and sour memories. Sweet memories bring pleased and amused expression on your face and then your mind diverts; you start recalling those bitter memories which make you feel down in dumps. Then all of sudden you start missing someone, someone close to your heart. Tears start shedding down and feel crestfallen and dejected. This feeling is so weird that the only option left to come out of it is weeping... You cry your heart out. You start weeping bitterly, after crying at a length you realize you are strong enough and you yourself can make your life wonderful and the key is your smile, your laughter. That’s when you wipe your tears and say “I'm strong!”

Have you ever experienced this, if yes do share your views and comment on the box below. 

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