Thursday, 2 July 2015

She was left alone

Walking by the bay
On a yellow sunny day
She knew where to go
Away from the world she owe

She looks at the ground
And all around
Then she caught him staring
She knew what he was thinking

Her heart was in great pain
She knew it was breakup again
There aroused a wall of red
Then a slow-gathering darkness overhead

Consoling herself
She took a step
He chattered and there she sat
No other noise than that

She showed to be prepared
But, her heart was scared
There was less and less to say
Everything seemed far away

Reaching out and touching her hand
He said, "You might understand
This is my last goodbye
Accept it, it aren't no lie"

She felt like nothings inside
The fact won't be denied
She was left alone
In the world unknown

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