Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Our life
Our destiny
Our luck and us!
Whenever I wished to share my feelings,thoughts or opinions; there was noone around and even if I shared it with my close ones they always made it a part of joke. They laughed on my face! Yes, they did!
I am all alone in this world.
This Emptiness hurts me and drags me towards the same question Do I Exist?
I can talk nonstop
I can Entertain
I can keep the Atmosphere alive
But, I have no Audience for it...
This Emptiness has Transformed ME to a different ME. I have to think twice before saying anything to my close ones coz I never know what word of mine would turn me into a Joker!
Initially, this things never offended me but now they do! 
Now, even in the huge crowd I feel Lonely! It seems I'm infected with this Disease of Lonliness.... Lonliness is complex and unique for each individual. 
I have learned a lot out of this emptiness
How people around me are? 
Does my presence mean something or I'm just a breeze of air?
Now, from ours I have turned to me
My life
My destiny
My luck and me...

On the shores of my life
Im waiting for a breeze of hope!

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