Thursday, 16 October 2014

It does hurt me...

Yes, I do cry.
It does hurt me.
When someone very close to your heart starts ignoring you it does hurt you...
This didn't happen
It happens during every conversation between us.
When we were kids these things never affected me but now they do. Everytime we have a talk you show your points and stay silent.
my views, my points
seem nothing for you
I cry
I cry every night
I cry the entire day...
It does hurt me....
Feelings are changing
I'm breaking
you have no scars on your face.
It seems it's only affecting me...
You have new people around you. Their company seems to be more pleasurable then mine.

When I look towards the sky
The sky seems finite. But,
when I focus towards the eagle
Sky seems infinite...
So now I have decided
No matter who you are for me,
No matter what you do,
You absolutely, Positively
donot have the power to change...
I just wanna be free now..