Friday, 31 October 2014

Freaky Friday!

I wish I could skip these fridays!
Fridays have got something different. The 6 days are at one end and friday is at another.I have experienced the worst fridays in my life!  
The thought about 17th June'11 ,the DARK FRIDAY still brings Goosebumps! And now after 3 years ,31st Oct'14 another FREAKY FRIDAY!  Not threatening as the last one but, still...
Fridays have strength to break me.
The feeling of loosing everything thing in hand and waiting for a change. May it be the special person in your life or pride and confidence. Loss is Loss!
Lettme talk about The Freaky Friday i.e 31th Oct'11
Woke-up in the morning with a thought of accepting what ever comes ahead. Finally last day of viva!  The last 4 viva's were best no reviva and no disappoiment . As if the luck was all in my favor.
All prepared with 5 programs out of those tough 10 programs and all prepared for viva. Stepped out of the house.Warm and pleasant morning, everthing sounded cheerful. Saw someone after ages, that smile conversation ☺. Everything was perfect!
Walked inside the lab with confidence it was all game of luck and I picked up the wrong chit.Since, then things changed! 
All I had was Nothing! Staring people around then I made an attempt to convince madam but, as said Game of luck it didn't favor me.
I managed writing what I knew. After leaving the lab, The words striking were "Anushka , you have kicked the ball outside the court!" I had two choice either sit crying or work hard on viva. I choosed the second one I found a lonely corner sat and studied all  concepts that I could.
It was time for viva, all prepared but, what lacked was the confidence. Initially, I answered all questions asked by the internal ;the confidence level was shooting up. The external entered the lab,I can't explain how it went but, all confidence that I had gained lowered. It was fear or something else¿ But, I was losing everything.
She asked question, I tried! But, nothing worked out.I answered upto my level but, things were at wrong place. Reviva! It would sound normal for anyone else, "Reviva hi toh hai!"  that word 'Reviva' broke me.
A big mess
Things were going wrong and more wrong...
Decrement over decrement!
Tension! Tension! Tension!
The saddest kind of sadness is when your tears can't even drop and you feel nothing.
You don't cry.
You don't see.
All blank and people staring you. 
"Reviva,Reviva ayya!" I could hear only these words.
Imagine yourself in a circle with people you never thought sharing that place with. I sat inside the lab for about 2 and a half hour and then gave my reviva.
After reading this you may think "It wasn't such a big issue that it turned the friday into an unlucky friday?"
It might not be a big issue but, the loss is huge!
I lost my confidence
I lost my luck
I lost my strength
It will take time to gain them back but, I'll make upto it.
After todays experience, I would like to share that, "Your luck and confidence are hand in hand ;
Stronger your Luck ,
Stronger your Overconfidence!"  and its
The Overconfidence that kills you!
Stay Strong!

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