Thursday, 6 November 2014


Mumma! Just a set of 5 alphabets but, the word occupies the entire universe.The Universe around me!
It's difficult to explain the relationship between a child and his mother.
Mother,The word is incredible. You are the reason behind this word.The magical experience. You kick her, Your turns and twists make her cry. She suffers everything but, over every pain all what she demands is good health for the life inside. 
She carries about one and half kg for a long period. 
When she deliveries you, A glance at the child vanishes all her pain. It's the last time when she's happy watching you cry and then decides no more tears for the lifetime.The first word you spoke ,your first step all are recorded for lifetime.
You might be dark, ugly, weird looking but for your mother your a Rockstar and A Prince/Princess. She will protect you from the world out there but, will scold you at all your mistakes. She might be rude, dominating and stick at times but her heart always beats for you.
She records all your small happiness but, she gulps all your pains and sorrows. She might cry alone but, will teach you to stay strong. She might show you how strong she is but inside she has a soft heart. Your kiss makes her happy but, your mistakes make her weak.

Let me talk about me and my mumma
We share,
We cry,
We Laugh,
We Fight together
But, still Our relationship seems complicated¿
Our relationship is such that,
I can imagine life without you but, practically I can't live without you. I think I'm emotionless in your case but, even a small scratch on your body increases my heartrate. I don't care about what people say but, In your case I can make people cry for each word they say.
There were times we had nothing in our hand.Times were difficult and big mess around but, you never lettme down you tried your best to turn my dreams into reality.
You taught me the value of money and respect.You showed me the difference between easy and simple. You always said choose simple over easy coz easy makes you lazy!
We are two completely contrast personalities you often choose south while I turn towards north.  We fight on every single topic but, at the end of the day I rest in your arms.
Me and my mumma share a bit hatke, a bit different and a unique relationship!
Through this blog I just want to say ,
"ThankYou, A big hug and thanks for all what you have done for me and dada. Living alone is difficult, the society never shows a supportive hand towards you, it drags you down but, you never lost hopes you always stood up and showed me the right way. Even though you were alone you never let any of my wishes incomplete, you always fulfilled them.
You ate a bread less but, never let me crave for one. You suffered bad days but, you never let those times affect me. Now, when we have everything, all at one call, you teach me to stay upto line and respect things. You often say "Money is Mind and heart spoiler, It can make your life and spoil as well!" . Your experience are my values! Thanks for all support and protection"
If I start making a list of things mumma sacrificed for me it would extend the limits. Many children avoid saying "I love you mumma! Or thanks mumma!" so to all the readers I would just say lets start from today "Respect Mumma! Say I love you , Kiss her and say thanks for every single thing she does."  Just see your one kiss and thanks will make her day best one.
It's said "Mother is the real God" , have faith in her. She'll never let you fall!
You are my Shield,
You are my Strength,
You are my Self-Esteem,
You are my Vision,
And Overall
You are my Universe!

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