Saturday, 4 October 2014

You Me and A Perfect "US"

We all have that one person we'll never lose feelings for.When you fall for someone, everything they do becomes so beautiful. When things change you go through breakups.
Two people madly and deeply in love with each other brokeup one day.
Things changed
Time paused
Music was all that they had in common!
She blocked him possibly everywhere. There was no communication between them. He regretted for what he had done. People around were clueless about what had happened but what they wanted was just to see them TOGETHER!
He shared infinitude feelings towards her. As there was no possible way he could communicate with her. He took upto blogging, his blog could make anyone fall in love! Everyone around kept talking about his blogs.She acted like she doesn't care, but deep inside, it did hurt her.
At that time, All she wanted was his blog. She secretly read his blogs. Her heart was demanding love but her stubborn nature denied it. He continued blogging, his blogs were so perfect! That they could bring goosebumps Flawless!
One fine day she also started blogging. Her words spoke her heart! Loyal heart which was beating just for him! He replied her through his blogs. This blog conversation took pretty long time.
Things seemed to change
That atmosphere of love was back.
He kept blogging
She kept blogging and as its said "when you genuinely like and care for someone then the entire universe works on bringing him back in your life!" His last blog was so effective that she couldn't resist and declared her love back!
Betay paal wapas la nahi sakte...
Sukhe phool wapas khil nahi sakte....
Kabhi kabhi lagta hai aap hamein bhul gaye.... 
Par dil kehta hai k aap hamein bhula nai sakte! 

Serenity and You!


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  2. Jst amazing...
    Now I think I shld start up my blog too.. :p

  3. Awesome anu...u took blogging to a whole new level: love :) ;)

  4. Yup! You should too as i suggested you earlier