Monday, 13 October 2014

Cambios de humor

"Cambios de humor " is a spanish word which means mood swings.
Just a minute ago,
She was a freebie ,
Princess of the universe
The next minute
she would be in
                and all alone. 

Mood swing is an extreme or rapid change in mood. You never know how you'll act another minute. During mood swings you act as a Confused sperm in search of something but clueless of what that something is! People who undergo mood swings have different reasons for it. Mood swings are majorly observed in females  

Warning to all males avoid having conversation with females when they are undergoing mood swings this could turn into disaster!  

Kinda wanna go for a holiday
Kinda wanna get hit by a truck too!     
During moodswings, The person acts as a granite can burst anywhere on anyone. No one can tolerate Moodswings!  
When I go through mood swings!
Im so weird
I'll be the nicest rude person
You would have ever been with...
I don't give a damn about
Anything but
At the same time
I care a lot...
I hate myself
But I'm completely
I need help
But above all I have learnt enjoying this phase.
Maybe due to this I get to explore a different "ME"!☺☺
Comment your Experience about Moodswings!

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