Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Letter

The letter that was never posted...

Dear Life,
                   Since very long time, I have a question to be answered. I asked several people, all of them replied same "Life is a bitch!". I was never satisfied with the answer and then I gave a thought and started writing this letter.
                   Everytime when I say," I'm happy!" there's problem waiting ahead. When the problem is solved you say," Wait for a second" and you have another huge one ready. You create problems and I solve them, this process is going on since many years.
                   Now, I just want to know "Why me?". Is it cause I know how to keep my life in line.With tears in my eyes I still manage to say"Nah,I'm fine!". Is acceptance the reason? The path towards the brighter future is not a mere cake walk for me. The road is full of twists and turns. Every new step has new challenges ahead.
                 At one point you break me and at very next one you give the strength to make it.You showed me worst phase and brought good days.Once I was ready for enjoying those good days you took them away. I always accepted what you gave me may it be worst or best. You go on, even if I choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind locked in the past, thinking of what I could've done.
                With smile on my face and tension on my forehead, I managed everthing.Every new day meant New beginning to me cause I believe there is nothing like word end.Everytime starting it all over again was difficult even then,I accepted it as a gift from you. I cried, I smiled , I feared, I laughed at everything ahead but you never glanced at me and said "This is the last one!".
                 Sometimes I feel your(life) a gamble!  I'm gambling everyday everynight. Each new day is a new game. May it be giving an examination or catching a train. Either I make it a day or I loose the entire day! I'm tired of this break-make and worst-good policy of yours. I'm rid-off of it and need a final solution over all this. 
               I'm thankful for showing me my strengths and weakness . Hope Life reads this and make it a day! I'm waiting for the day you'll turn and say "No more troubles, Enjoy me!".
Yours faithfully,
Stressed Me

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