Thursday, 1 January 2015

14 Lessons learned In 2K14

14 Lessons Learned In 2K14

#Lesson1 : You can't always believe someone when they say they'll never hurt you.
#Lesson2 : When you are noone people betray you but, when you turn out to be someone people dance along with you.
#Lesson3 : When it's about self esteem and victory, you always need to sell your self esteem to gain victory.
#Lesson4 : Start judging people.
#Lesson5 : Stop trusting everyone.
#Lesson6 : Set your priorities and stick to them
#Lesson7 : Let people Change but,  you don't change.
#Lesson8 : Fight for yourself and let others fight for themselves.
#Lesson9 : The good ones go, if you wait too long...
#Lesson10 : Overconfidence is what kills you!
#Lesson11 : No one belongs to you its just you and only you.
#Lesson12 : The ones who were at top on my priority list are nowhere in my life now.
#Lesson13 : Learn to accpect unexpected.
#Lesson14 : Keep chasing your dreams.

Finally its year end, Now its time to Welcome the new year 2015 cheerfully.
2014 was full of surprises
There were Ups and Downs,
Victory and defeat,
Failure and success,
Joy and sorrow.
Now,  its time to write new chapters in 2K15.

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