Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Stop this HEnity!

He can sleep up till late *Tick Tick Tick all around the clock* 
He can go for late night parties *Bang Bang* 
He can go for night outs, outings for months, etc etc *Hurrahhh...* 
He can do whatever he wants to do man! *I'm a Man benefit* 
He does no work yet, He's "Maa ka Ladla"
I'm talking in general about those families who have both baba's and babe's
Baba: "Mom, I am going at xyz's place for nightout"
Babe: "Mom, Can I go at xyz's place for nightout?"
See the difference! Some reader's might have faced this situation's wherein your brother makes his decision and you need permission to make your's. You have one permission for some sort of thing and he has one rejection *1:1 ratio* Whenever you fight and say " He is allowed to do everything, why are'nt I?" then mom picks that one rejection and say's "See I had rejected his permission as well". Then, you have no answer and you wait for that time when you'll be able to take decision for yourself.

How could I forget the most common tagline "Jamana kharab hai!" You give several reasons why you want to reach at that place but, this tagline has no break. In short, If your parent want to reject your permission they use this line. According the poll's it is seen that, majority daughters take care of their parents over sons. 

"Sanskar!", this word is only found in the dictionary of daughter's. "Tulsi mein dusre angaan ki!" *ahuh ahuh* "Iskaa kya hai, Ishe toh yehi rehna hai par tujhe shaadi karke dusre ghar jaana hai!" *The never ending marriage sequence* So, however your son is it's simply okay but, the daughter must be valued properly. All those mistakes done by him are gulped in but, those done by daughter stay like scars forever. Somewhere this HEnity must be brought to an end.

Some may totally disagree with each and every word of mine but, As said I'm talking in 'general'. 

But, beyond all being a "Girl" is an amazing experience.
Cute Babe
Innocent Daughter
Lovely wife
Incredible Mother
Modern Grandmother

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