Friday, 27 February 2015

Mera Medicare

What is a start-up?

Start-up is a young established business in the form of a company, newly founded and at the dawn of development. Start-up starts from the idea stage and ascends to securing financing. According to the stats, it is seen that the frequency of start-ups is shooting up.
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In this blog, I'm going to describe about one of such start-up i.e.  Mera Medicare.

Mera Medicare is a healthcare based start-up founded by Mr. Pankaj Gupta along with the co-founder Mrs.Madhu Gupta Khandelwal. Mr.Pankaj Gupta initiated Mera Medicare with a mission to bridge the gap between customers and healthcare professionals. Mera Medicare has more than 50 years of working experience and serving in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore.
Mera Medicare aims at attaining the positive customer satisfaction.

Firstly get registered at Mera Medicare

There is a simple three Step Process for placing your order>>
·         STEP 1:
Select the options for what you would like to order. There is another choice for brands with the same composition.

·         STEP 2:
Depending upon the choices you make you get the next dialogue box. If you choose for I want to order OTC Drugs/Body care Products or I have a prescription & I want to order OTC Drugs / Body care products also option it demands for the details like the Patient's name, symptoms, drug or item name, brand, power and quantity/size. If you choose I have a prescription option it demands for the prescription.

·         STEP 3:
Fill all the necessary details. Then the pharmacist sends you quotation and then as per your choice you place the order and choose your payment option.

Mera Medicare has an offer page where it presents you exciting offers such as free amazon ecards, free mobile recharge and many other exciting offers. It also provides various deals for pharmacists. There is another page wherein Mera Medicare discusses about different health facts. Mera Medicare is a platform for interns. It serves you with different internship opportunities based on your resume. You just have to submit your resume and they'll find pertinent for openings in future. They are associated only with authorized and licensed pharmacists.

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You can contact them via
·         Phone :+91-9784058314
·         Email :
·         Website :
And can get free recommendations on their forum.

Why Choose Mera Medicare?

·         Rapid reductions of up to 25% of all branded medicines.
·         Free records of medical bills.
·         Go Generic and get reductions of 40-60%.
·         Immediate delivery between periods of 2-4 hours.
·         Its stress free step-by-step; 3 step process.

Mera Medicare is a whisk of information, experience, and passion. This model focuses on reducing medicare expenses, saves your time and transportation charges as well.

Your Trust is their Priority!

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