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Nashta (नाश्ता) is a hindi word which means breakfast in english. Breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep. The word Breakfast literally means breaking the fasting period of the prior night. It is most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the daily routine.

Breakfast foods vary widely from place to place. There is no standard Indian breakfast menu as almost each state in India has different specialties. In India the Indian Breakfast menu is divided into two types: North Indian and South Indian. The eastern and western parts of India also have their unique breakfast dishes, unique to their culture or state.

The south Indian breakfast dishes comprise of of idli, vada or dosa coupled with chutney and sambar. Most of the south Indian dishes are prepared using Rawa. The North Indian Breakfast dishes comprises of many types of Paratha or Roti like Aloo (potato) paratha, Paneer (cottage cheese) Paratha, Mooli Paratha (Radish Paratha) served with a vegetable curry, curd and pickles. ther popular breakfast items in the north are Poori Bhaji, Poha and Bhindi Bhujia.

The eastern Indian breakfast dishes comprise of rooti and curry. The item list also include indian french toast , chire bhaja which is flaked rice fried in oil and salt is added to it according to taste, boiled eggs. Whereas in some part you'll find the leftover rice from last night is fried with onions, turmeric and mustard seeds for breakfast.

In Western India, serves breakfast dishes like Dhoklas, Khakhras or Theplas for breakfast, the most popular of which is Methi Thepla. Other typical breakfast comprises of kande Pohe, Upma, Ukkad, thalipeeth, Spiced Puree. Dishes like chhapati Bhaji or Chapati roll with tea are also served as breakfast dishes in India.

Kellogg's corn flakes are most commonly served breakfast cereal in Indian. Corn flakes are a popular breakfast cereal originally manufactured by Kellogg's through the treatment of maize. There is variety of dishes prepared out of Kellogg's corn flakes. There are many easy to prepare step by step recipe of corn flakes.

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The recipe which I have my eye on is Crusty Raw Banana Wedges The common banana just got a makeover in this recipe! Steaming the bananas before frying helps retain the original flavour and to seal in the moisture content. Another recipe made from corn flakes is fried icecream the name itself is so yummy nd tempting Fried ice- cream, a favourite mexican dessert. One has to be very quick while preparing and serving this recipe. It is crunchy from outside and creamy from inside.

Kellogg's is helping everyone start each morning off right.

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