Thursday, 12 March 2015


Things were going wrong. My priorities were changing, only me and no one else. "Everything else sucks except for me" was the attitude towards life. I could see that I was changing.  I could feel that negativity in me. I never thought that things would change in this manner. It was just the 1st day of 2k15 and I was stuck in such mental trauma. I needed a break! I knew that I couldn't start new year with this attitude.Then it was time for Camp as if the destiny was demanding a break.

Camp changed my approach towards life. From the "Only ME-Attitude" it transformed me to "For everyone around us-Attitude"Through this I experienced that feeling when your reason for someone's smile. Someone who has no relation with you but needs you. The negativity in me was burning and I could smell positivity. Every.Every morning was a new beginning, as if something was waiting for me. Something that would nourish me with all that I lacked.

I could sleep with satisfaction. Satisfaction for doing something for others, something for the society and something for those children who were waiting for a ray of hope.

All that hatred and anger was burning and I could smell love and affection. It is such an amazing feeling, when you dedicate yourself for the betterment of others. When you forget yourself and care for others. My attitude towards life was changing and I was loving it. Instead of showing off things I did for others I was looking for more opportunities to serve others.

Now, when I look at myself I love the way I'm! Burned all negativity and having a positive approach. I feel that there couldn't be any better start for a new year.  What more should I bag for now? When my pockets are filled with positivity. I took a decision to serve my life for others and this is how my life took a new turn. Things are getting better, now!

I have a NGO of my own now, with many sponsors supporting us. Initially, my family didn't support me. It was a tough time. I left my house, All alone in this huge world seeking for an opportunity. People said, "Change your decision the ball is still in court!" but, I had decided that "My Life is meant to serve others!" and walking alone through those rough and rash roads I have reached my destination. This bold decision was a turning point in my life and now I have started with a new life!

I have learnt that life is beautiful! It depends on how we shape it. Sometimes people don't support you but, you should have faith in yourself and keep moving ahead. Trust your decisions and no matter what happens stick to them.
"Service to humanity is service to Almighty!"

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