Thursday, 12 March 2015


When I was a kid, I remember a man who worked at my dad's office had some type of cell phone in his car. I don't remember what technology it utilized. Since that time, cell phones have gotten more and more expensive and we've moved away from voice data. You'd think the technology would have gotten less expensive, but in most instances it has not.

Nokia N8! The latest Nokia phone of those times having Symbian^3 OS. It had Capacitive Touch screen with Multi-touch. Silver white coloured slim cell phone. The cell phone had its own swag. The only thing I like about this phone is the 12MP Camera and Wi-Fi connectivity when I'm about and I can use internet using Wi-Fi so that I no longer have to factor that into my decision about spending money on GPS net packs. We as a people have enough routers in this country that we can access any sort of data over internet. Now, I’m searching for a new cell phone.

So let’s get started with Moto E:

The new Moto E gives you the premium smartphone experience. The phone is designed for the population who don’t wanna spend more pennies over smartphones.
The research design director KRISTIN ARNOLD quoted that when they were designing the new generation Moto E they went back to consumers who bought the first generation. They noted the dos and don’ts of the piece and how they could make the device affordable one and more useful. The engineer team managed to pack in a quad core processor, battery, a new front facing camera and 4.5” gHD display. Whenever you think about buying a phone the very first thing you look at is its feel. Moto E has a curved back designed in such a way that fits perfectly in your hand and in your back pocket.

The best part about Moto E is you can customize Moto E by selecting any colourful Motorola bands or grip shell and provides a better grip. The industrial engineer SANGSOO PARK quoted that the team embraced authentic materials and have focused on the smallest and narrowest design details. Such type of detailing is observed in expensive models.

The new Moto E runs Android™ Lollipop, the latest version of the most popular and trending mobile OS. The new Moto E is developed in such a way that it includes dual accelerometers that enables most of the features observed in Moto X. It has Assist Sleep Moe and Meeting Mode. The software engineer PARI DHARAWAT quotes that the above mentioned features are their highlights and thus allow them to offer premium experience in their affordable Moto devices.

The current selfie trend has emphasized the engineers to concentrate on the front facing camera. Moto E Quick Capture feature is result of it. You just have to twist your wrist to launch the camera and twist twice again to switch to the front facing camera. The product management director MICHELLE GATTUSO stated that it’s just another way to bring an innovation into a smartphone. Through Moto E Start connecting at 4G LTE / 4G speed1 and Start browsing the web, streaming music, playing games and watching videos all at 4G LTE speeds. The new Moto E will also be available in a 3G version.

The new Moto E will be coming to over 50 countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia starting today. 

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