Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Life without Google!

So let me ask a simple question to all the blog post readers; what do you know? What have you learned? Without Google! Think... Nothing? Oh that’s sad so your life is totally dependent on Google. There are many or should say MANYYYYYY people *exaggerating* who depend on Google for many different things; count me one of them.

Let me jot down those simple things Google taught me and ways it helped me:

Ø  Compressing a file (zip file)

When I was in high school one of our professor said us to mail him some documents; I tried twice thrice the gmail said reduce the size of file “File too large” I didn’t know what to do, Called up one of my friend he said convert into zip file. How to do it? Was the next question he said that he was running late; Google it and get the solution and that’s how I learned how to compress a file.

Ø  Letters and resume

One of the difficulties I use to face was writing formal letters for professional purpose. I don’t know why but it proved a difficult task for me. Now, Google mastered me in it. Resume is one of the main things and it needs to be perfect and thanks to Google it helped me to build my resume.

Ø  Music

Google is the only source for music. For a music lover like me Google is a blessing!

Ø  Costume Designer:

Google is my costume designer. It serves you with variety of design from modern to traditional for parties to pooja’s here you get collection of all new trending designs.

Ø  Chai

Google is my recipe book. One evening guest arrived mumma said “Prepare tea for uncle and family!” My reactions were 0_0 and I said in mind “Challenge accepted “I walked into the kitchen and prepared tea, tasted it and it was YUCK!! Had no option; kept staring at my cell phone and It clicked “Google can help!” and that’s how I prepared my first tea.

Ø  Google Maps

I and my cousins went for a road trip, miles away from the city and reached a dead end. Clueless of where we were and what was going to happen next. That’s when Google maps saved us and we found the route back home.

Google has always been a life saver and imagining life without it scares me. Thanks Larry page and Sergey Brin for Google! I would windup by saying "Have a query ping google; google will get it solved for you!"

This blog post is part of #Lifewithoutgoogle indiblogger.

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