Thursday, 16 April 2015


After watching this AIB – Save Internet video; I was astonished with what the network companies are aiming at! Net Neutrality is one of the hottest topics these days. Now, let me elaborate on what net neutrality is; its the scheme that internet service providers give their customers equal access to all lawful websites and services on the internet, without giving priority to any website over another.

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Now, the question arises why we should be concerned about net neutrality and how it will help us? Let’s talk in context to blogging. We bloggers have our own blog url. If net neutrality is not brought into application then access to our blogs will be a difficult task. If the internet service providers have our blog url at lowest priority on request for our blog it will either show “Pay for access” or will take pretty long time to load it and as we know our human tendency; people demand quick response and if the blog takes long time or demands payment option people will surely cancel the request. Thus, our blog stats will lower and it will in turn be difficult to share our words with our viewers.

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If there is no net neutrality then it’s definitely an issue to be worried about. So let’s take a step against it and say YES to NET NEUTRAILTY #SaveTheInternet #NetNeutralityIndia. Just follow few steps to contribute to Save the Internet initiative
  • Goto .
  • Click on Submit your response to TRAI (About TRAI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is the independent regulator of the telecommunications business in India.)
  • Click on Response to TRAI Now (Wherein you email to        

Thus, you contribute a little to Save the Internet.

For more details about Net Neutrality have a look at the video embedded in this blog post or visit Facebook and Twitter. This blog is initiative of #NetNeutrailityIndia Indiblogger.

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