Saturday, 9 May 2015

Like Daughter,Like Mother


"All that I'm                      
Or hope to be
I owe to my                      
Angel Mother”
-Abraham Lincoln.

She isn't just a Mother! She is a damn good one. The tag mother makes her an alarm clock, maid, cook, waitress, nurse, teacher, referee, security guard, councillor, hairdresser, event planner, personal assistant and ATM Machine. She is on full time service *24/7 working* for the rest of her life. She works day and night.

"She is a person.
She is strong. She is smart.
She is courageous. She is generous.
She is daughter Sister Wife Mother.
She gives you life, love, respect.
She believes in you...
And all what she deserves is
To be with you Forever...”

Dear mumma,

I have loved you since I opened my eyes.
You have a backbone made of steel and a heart of gold.
I never made you feel special

But, today I wanna tell you
How much I love you.
I want you.
I want you to be always besides me.
I want to spend all my good times with you.
                Like daughter, like mother Forever...

I may not be like the one; you always wanted me to be.
I apologize for all those mistakes I have made.
You mean everything to me; you’re the universe around me.
You have no idea how important you’re to me!
Your love is the greatest treasure for me.

Love you always...

Like Daughter, Like Mother.
Happy Mothers Day! 


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