Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Kapil Dev, one of the greatest cricket players of India and the first captain to guide India to its first victory: The World Cup, 1983. The God of Cricket while playing always gave his best both with bat and ball. Kapil Dev contributed to the cause of the team with both bat and the ball and saved the team from impossible situations.

The man, who remained India's main strike bowler for almost 15 years, needs no introduction. Kapil Dev is now all over twitter trending with his new deal : “Ek Nayi League”. There isn’t anything much available on the web about the #EkNayiLeague, just few campaign and videos that have gone viral talking about this latest rove.

These are few videos I spotted about the same. In these video; Kapil Dev is focusing on few words- Do it with the head and not the heart. If you play with all your heart you will definitely get a fall. In these videos he repeats few lines “Dil se Khela toh googly” “Dil se khela toh hit wicket” which means this new league won’t be same as the normal leagues. Kapil Dev has some different ideas regarding it.

Twitter is trending with all guesswork of what actually this new league is about. There are so many interesting guesses going on twitter about it. Some tweeted bathroom singing; while some claimed Madhuri Dixit to participate in a dance show. People from different industries are also tweeting about the same; thus trending #EkNayiLeague all over the web.

Now let me sum up my thoughts regarding the New League: #EkNayiLeague; According to the videos; Kapil Sir claims that this will be a reward for our country and thus will involve all the sports players. A new game format, where the bollywood and television celebrities will be involved with other sports players in it. Like the IPL; this will be another league setup by Kapil Sir with new rules and new regulations. A new league with more of fun and which will test your intelligence.

Our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also congratulated Kapil Sir from his official twitter handle for this new venture. With so much trending around and involvement of so many personalities this new league is definitely going to be a big venture all together.

Kapil Dev promises to unfold the secrets about the new league in few days through twitter. There is a huge response for this new league and involvement of so many people from different industries in it that has made the new league :#EkNayiLeague a big thing and a special one.

 Screenshot: Ek Nayi League Youtube video

Wish the team and Kapil Dev all the good luck and best wishes for #EkNayiLeague.

You can get more updates about same here – EkNayiLeague:

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