Thursday, 18 June 2015


“Any man
Can be a FATHER
But, it takes
Someone special
To be a DAD!”
-Anne Geddes

When it comes to pen few words about dad, I go on a flashback of all those memories and moments I have spent with him. I’m unfortunate because I got a very li’l time to spend with my dad. But, how much ever time it was; it was the best period of my life. He wasn’t a billionaire but, he worked 24*7 to spill happiness and joy in my life. I don’t even remember a single wish of mine which wasn’t full filled may it be buying the exact light pink colour dress or cancelling his busy meeting just for the movie I was waiting for.

These are some of those memorable times I have spent with my dad. It was summer and I wanted to go on a holiday, but dad weren't healthy enough to go on any kind of tour. Since I was a kid momma never shared dad’s health issues with me. And as dad never said “No!” to any of my wishes dad planned a Goa tour. My momma and brother were at home as my brother had his semester exams on. He had booked plane tickets it was my first time travelling by an aeroplane. Goa was my last tour with dad. He made it the best tour and the memorable one.

I remember those days: After returning from school, if I wouldn’t find dad around I would turn the house upside down. I remember he used to sit on the bed; reading the newspaper and I would hug him, kiss his cheeks and sit beside him and narrate every bit of thing that happened in school. Now, when I return home after college I find the room vacant, I miss those talks. I never kept anything in heart and now when he is not around it hurts. I and dad shared a very different bond. I was very close to him. I never shared a single thing with momma whereas dad knew every bit of it.

It’s been four years now, I miss him! But, I know he is somewhere around me watching me and that is the only thing which makes me strong!
Dad, I am grateful for whatever you have done for me. No matter how far we are you’ll always be my super hero.
I Love you Infinity and Beyond!
I would like to share with my readers that hugging your dad and saying "I love you, dad!" would be the best gift for this father's day.
Love and Respect DAD Always!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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