Sunday, 21 June 2015


The world is progressing every second in every possible field but, the Indian mentality still manages to straggle behind. In spite of acquiring graduation and post graduation, people still have some inflexible views; which hamper the development of our nation. The Indian Mentality needs to advance.

The most common Indian Mentality: Assuming that every girl and guy walking together are having an affair. The modern world and the modern crowd have a different mindset (wide mindset) where they accept things and evolve with the changing time. On the other hand there are inflexible ones who are not accepting and adapting the changing times.

You share a photo with guy friend and they start commenting upon it. Evolve! and save those thoughts and comments for some effective cause please. “I saw her with a guy in restaurant!” As if the girl committed some sort of crime and needs to be convicted for it. The news about the coffee and that guy spreads like fire everywhere that the girl thinks twice before sipping a coffee next time. Evolve! She just had a coffee. Phone flashes: Jack Calling. If those rigid ones notice this they start questioning "Whose Jack?" "Why did you save his number?" "Why is he calling?" . Why? Why on the earth do those rigid ones need to know who Jack is? Evolve! He is just a good friend.
Evolve! And start accepting and adapting the changing times. If you want the modern world and modern crowd to walk along with you; you inflexible ones need to evolve and shape yourself according to the modern world. 

The inflexible crowd out there should understand
“I'm living my life my way, and you need to accept it and allow your thoughts to evolve with time!"

"Evolving Place
        Evolving Time
                Evolving Thoughts
                        Evolving Future!"

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