Friday, 26 June 2015

Muzak of my life

It was Sunday morning; I woke up with beautiful soft tune playing in background. When I took a look around I found no speakers and nothing related to music around. When I walked outside the room the music automatically changed; it was so surprising. I thought some ones making fun of me or that kind of thing. But, then I realised as my thoughts and moods were changing the music kept changing. I called up a friend and told her about it on which she replied “its hangover: Try lemon dear!”

The music didn't stop it kept changing as situations were changing. I had lemon juice: still there were no changes. It was like an orchestra always following you everywhere, even in toilet and kitchen and where you had never imagined it to be. I was home alone so I thought calling up doctor would be the best solution. When I called our family doctor the assistant said “His busy, I’ll inform you once his free!” I was annoyed with the background music earlier but, I loved it later as it automatically kept shuffling music based on my mood and situation. Every emotion becomes more intense with background music.

Finally I had my personal playlist!! As the time passed by, it was lunch time. When I sat on the dining table the music changed to the soft tune which is generally played in restaurants. It was so blissful! The most surprising part was when I made or picked up a call the music would change depending on the person I called. As it was Sunday I just wanted to relax, so there was nothing planned about the day.

It was evening: I sat in the balcony with a novel and a cup of coffee. The music was still on. As I read the first line song changed and it went on changing line by line. Now, it was annoying me. I tried to distract myself from the background music the more I tried the more it kept shuffling. The blissful background music turned awful now. I tried my best to escape from the orchestra that kept following me. But, it wasn’t happening. It became a pain now. The music was changing with high frequency... I started feeling uncomfortable more uncomfortable and I screamed with great vain. And that’s when I woke up and realized it was just another bad dream.

After this dream, I believe we should just accept what life serves us then expecting things from it. Initially: I always kept thinking about world with background music but, now I’m pretty happy with what life has served me. Background music is beautiful in cinemas and plays rather than reality.

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