Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Dirty Truth on Cleanliness!

"Clean up a pigsty," she commented one evening, and if the creatures in it still has the pig-minds and pig-desires, soon it will be the same old pigsty again. When I read these lines, the first thought that strike was the Banega Swachh India campaign launched by Shri. Amitabh Bachchanji. The above lines go very well with the mentality of Indian's. If you clean the roads this morning, the very next morning you find it in more miserable condition. I think first the mentality must be cleaned and then the road will be cleaned automatically.
"Lage raho Munna Bhai" was really an inspiring movie *Only if you understood the real message out of humour* In the first half, there was a situation wherein a person callsup Munnabhai and complains about a paan-chewing man who had a disgusting habit of spitting on his flat wall. After consulting with bapu's ghost he suggests the person, not to pick up a fight with the paan-chewing man but instead to cheerfully smile at him every time he sprays out the betel-juice and clean the entrance wall himself. The paan-chewing man gets embarrassed and guilty, and finally stopped spitting on the person's wall.
It was a small scene but, has a good message. Let the dirty minds create dirt around, we will clean it with smile on our face and embarrase these people through are action rather then words.

Have you ever noticed, when your mom uses a cup of water just for measuring purpose. She cleans that cup with soap and water, even though it contained only water. So if clean things are cleaned over and over again. Why can't dirt be cleaned?
We are at 123rd rank when it comes to cleanliness, its a part of National shame. When people return from abroad the very first thing they talk about is cleanliness there. Imagine if we contribute ourselves towards the campaign 'Banega Swachh India'. People travelling abroad will talk about the cleanliness in India. If everyone aims at rank1 in cleanliness we will surely reach near it.

Have you ever thought how a garbage spot is made, In India when a dirty man throws a piece of shit somewhere, Crowd watches him, someone amongst the crowd throws another dirt and this thing goes on and on and then after months it becomes a garbage spot. We should follow Gandhiji's advice, "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." It simply means I will not let others exploit my mind through his deeds. We do what we see, so just think and then do it.
Better India Better Us!

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Jab sab milkar agge ayenge tabhi Banega Swachh India!

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