Saturday, 14 March 2015


Tōgædere is an old English word which means together.

How will you describe the word “Friend”? Oxford says a friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. I also describe it in same manner with a little word here and there, Friend is someone with whom you feel secured, cared, pampered and you need no relation or bondage to show your love and affection towards each other.

Friend is someone who is always there besides you in your up’s and down’s; failure and success and sorrows and joys. Friends can spur you to change or avoid unhealthy habits. When you fall on your face or ass, friend is someone who’ll laugh at you for first and then will raise his hand ahead for your support. Friend is someone who will never live you alone on the journey called Life!

“Each Friend 
Represents a 
World in us, 
A world possibly 
Not born until 
They arrive”  
– Anais Nin.

The purpose of having friends is to not feel lonely. I’m blessed to have two amazing personalities in my life as my friends. . We don’t share any family relation but have a strong bondage. We have bucket full of memories. We are so close that we easily predict what the other one is thinking.

“An unscheduled day out is the best day out!” the quote goes very well with us. Last weekend we travelled down to churchgate for some college work. On our way back home we thought about having lunch and that’s how we landed up at Sardar Refreshments, The best pav bhaji centre in Mumbai. If you have craziest friends you have everything. When you have yummy food and best friends, you need nothing on earth.

After lunch, our tummy was demanding something sweet and that’s how we thought about visiting HajiAli juice centre. We walked all the way from Sardar refreshments to HajiAli, singing and laughing all the way. When we reached HajiAli we thought about visiting Haji Ali Dargah. The place is heaven except for the crowd there. I had never been to any dargah, it was my first experience. The structure has white domes and minarets reminiscent with the Mughal architecture of the period. The Dargah is a renowned pilgrimage site among the Muslims.

People from all parts of the world without restrictions of caste, creed and religion visit the Dargah. Women have to cover their head with dupatta or scarf while men are allowed to enter inside.People offer their prayers and for the fulfilment of their wishes by the blessings of the Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. The best part of HajiAli is the sea line and awesome breeze. Then we had fruit and mix dry fruit cream at the HajiAli juice centre. It was the yummiest dish I ever had. Then we had lemon juice at the thela. After spending some quality time at HajiAli we came back home. An awesome Day out!

The best therapy in the world is spending time tōgædere. We share a circle of strength and affection, founded on the faith and trust we have on each other. Tōgædere Forever!

 “When we three stand strong tōgædere,
 No one here on earth can stop us!”

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