Friday, 24 April 2015


It started with midnight phone calls; everyone was wishing me Happiest Birthday. Whatsapp group names were changing *All those weird names that people addressed me by* some were personal messaging me while rest were posting on my timeline. All the while I was just blushing because it was my day! It took me 2.30am to reply everyone.

It was VIVA day. I had managed to study just few concepts and rest was drowned in Birthday Fever. The Viva went awesome. *Go and NoReviva: These words are actually awesome* for about 2 hours I was just sitting with my friends and wondering what was being planned for my birthday.

One of my friend left me alone on the 2nd floor saying "Go at the place where you find books" and I'm like "•_• what is this?" Then I walked towards library, I found one of my friend sitting near the library staircase. I being impatient said "Give me my old spice" He gave me the old spice deodorant and all the way blushing and overexcited I sat beside him and asked "What’s the next clue, I want another old spice" Giggling he said "Chemistry, Run!!!"

Then we ran towards Chemistry lab. Another friend was waiting near the chemistry lab; I said "Old spice?" *Innocently* He said "You need to answer some questions" and asked me all those choosy personal questions *_* He gave me another Old Spice *Two Two Old Spice * Then they both said "1st Viva" and ran... I went near the lab where I gave my 1st viva; two other friends were waiting there. I again innocently asked "Old Spice!" And then after testing my patience they gave me the third Old Spice Deodorant *Three Three Old Spice_ *

The next clue was "That place inside college premises where I spend most of my time" It was- Back way! We all ran towards the back way! *Mixed feelings!* My Bestiee was waiting there for me. She handed me a plastic bag; there was something gift wrapped in it. I opened the gift it was a- Sling Bag! I was overwhelmed with things they had planned for me. I seriously didn't know how to react! It was something no one had ever done for me. Treasure Hunt, 3 old spices and a sling bag!

One of them said "This doesn't end here" I had no reaction I just said "What’s next!" It was more then what I had expected for the day. Then I walked outside the premises of our college. All of my friends were waiting there. *The best feeling* you know your special when people do so much for you! To my surprise it was a Modak Cake that too chocolate flavour. I was laughing for about 5mins; then it was cake cutting time everyone was singing the birthday melody! Then all my fellas gave me a chocolate spa *Chocolate everywhere- My Hair, face and shirt* they gifted me a Ganpati Idol- It was beautiful.

On my way back home, my bestiee handed me a bag. I opened the bag there was an explosion box in it! It was super awesome *It was the Best Gift ever* It was a flashback of all those memories we had spend together. It was simply the best thing that one would gift me on my birthday! *Made My Day!*
I reached home; my school time besties were home. They gift me a pretty, cute birthday card; few nail paints, earrings and a cute pendant. Then it was second cake cutting time! Another cream spa *_* we had some lovely time together *Gossips and those girl friend talks*.  My junior college friends arrived home with a blueberry cake then I cut my third cake. Mummy had prepared some delicious starters for them; they had it and after some chit chatting we went out for bike rides. We went to nearby dock; my friend had bought those paper lanterns. After few attempts we managed to light one. The lantern of wishes and hope went towards that huge sky!

I reached home at about 10:30 or so. My sister-in-law *Brother’s wife* had decorated my room and the yummy black forest flavoured cake was placed in the centre. It was my fourth cake!!!! It was so special. The day ended with family time...

Smiles and giggles
Joy and blushes
New merriment that stays forever....
Thank you so much for 
all those jubilation and surprises.

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